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Asked: 6 years ago

Do kids grow?

If you can manage to stick around your family long enough to keep them happy, do you actually get to see your child grow up or do they just stay in the crib?? And if they do grow up, about how long does it take before they are moving children?

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From: zeon_29 6 years ago


They do grow, when you grow in the storyline, they grow too. Just keep on playing the game and you will see.

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It takes a few hours of real time for them to become an actually "child". They will look like the other children running around town, except for the baby icon above their heads. I don't know if they grow any more after this, though it would be better (in my opinion) if they actually grew up and moved out.

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Your child only grows from a baby to a toddler. It doesn't grow any bigger.

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At a point in the story, you go to The Spire to save the Hero of Will, you are at the spire for ten years. Once you return, your child will be nine. Other than that I do not know how to age children.

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Yes they do grow. it takes some real hour time and they can also grow after the part with the spire. my freind had a kid and he said it grew up to be pretty big. i didnt see it yet but i think it happend

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