Question from gcthemonkey

Asked: 5 years ago

I glitched BAD, will it happen again?

I was playing crusable over again, and again, i got the legendary wep a while back, and i got 8 perfect rounds. BUT when i went to exit there was only a chest i opened it and it acted like a cullis gate, warped me out front and i couldn't move at all, start only said "game paused" like in a cut scene . I had to goto my dashboard. WILL THIS HApPEN AGAIN?

Accepted Answer

From: eXo0nEcRoMaNcEr 5 years ago

I think so because this happen to me so i just avoided getting perfect rounds on every one because it only seems to happen when you get the 8 perfect rounds.This seems to be the only way to avoid this glitch

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