Question from SuperCad12

Asked: 5 years ago

Getting 1 million gold pieces?

The castle in Fairfax is 1000000 gold pieces, but how do you get that much?

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From: dreadvoid 5 years ago

FAST MONEY in 6 easy steps

1 Get as many Houses as possible (NOT SHOPS), rent them out

2 Save game, Go to Xbox dashboard

3 Go to system settings and set the internal clock to the year 2025. (note you must D/C from LIVE, when your connected it automatically sets the clock).

4. resume game and collect on 15 YEARS OF RENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 save, set clock back (or sign in on LIVE)

6 Rinse, repeat, cash the ****ing check.

the rent gives you money every 5 min. IN REAL LIFE. even when the game is off.

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