Question from Arakai13

Asked: 4 years ago

What do i do with the bent over statue in Bowerstone graveyard? are there others like it?

The statue that's in the middle of the graveyard, the mask fell out after i did something and i want to know what i have to do next or if i did something wrong. Are there other statues like this somewhere?

Accepted Answer

From: Chilari 4 years ago

It will have triggered a flit switch. Keep hitting it and follow it up until you find an open door, there's treasure inside.

Yes there are others. There are six, I think. Some of the walkthroughs describe where they all are and what they do. Just search for "animated statues". You have to do a particular expression in front of each of them and they'll unlock a flit switch or open a door where there's treasure.

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