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Asked: 4 years ago

Is this a good choice?

ok well i got the quest until death or something, and then i made alex marry me and then i didnt want to reject her so i ripped up the rejection note that the ghost gave me. Will anything happen and i still have the quest. I made my maritial home the one in the camp in the beginning, and i need to figure out how to have sex. So was marrying alex a good choice, and setting my maritial home as the cot in the beginning because i didnt have enough money. Also how do i have sex with her?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Also where do i get condoms?

Accepted Answer

From: scorchioboy 4 years ago

Well first you need the come back to my place emote and use it on her, then walk to the bed and hit A. for conndoms you unbury them or buy them at a general store

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