Question from yamihadeze

Asked: 5 years ago

Is there a way to get your dog back after choseing the sacrifice?

I can't complete the archaeologist without him.

Accepted Answer

From: Snipes_2 5 years ago

You can Download "KnotHole Island" from the Xbox Live Marketplace. There's a Small Cemetery there. Go to the tomb of "Cheet-Ur", You need to sacrifice someone by asking them to Follow you, Leading them into the Tomb, telling them to wait in there and then you pull the lever next to the Tomb. You should have a brand new Companion after this. (You get Evil Points For Sacrificing the Person By The Way, I'm not sure how many though..I think 10)

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Make a new game then.

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You can still do it, I think if you set it to your active quest it'll point you to where you need to go, and you can still choose the "dig" option on the d-pad. Although anything else is lost for good. Really the only logical choice is to bring the family and dog back. Sacrafice only brings up your good, which you can buy anyway. Self is only 1 milion, which you can get very easily.

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The dlc allows you to ressurrect your dog now

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