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Asked: 4 years ago

"Alice in Wonderland" reference in See the Future?

While in the skull I came across a tree with a rabbit in front of it and a sign pointing into it, seems to me like some sort of "Alice in Wonderland" reference and I was just wondering if there is anything more to it that anyone knows about or if its just there for no particular reason at all?

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Thank you ralunak175, took a minute to find a good video on youtube but I got it, and as the description on the mug says it is kind of pointless but its another item to collect in the game.

Accepted Answer

From: ralunak175 4 years ago

Yes there is alot more to it. in place with the balverines in the skull if you run through the arches in a certain order a skeleton in the corner has an egg which when placed in the right spot can let you down the hole and give you a key to a place in the cursed snowglobe where you can get a commerative mug search youtube or google for for the way you go through the arches.

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