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I have not played for a few months...when I came bac the other day and use an augement there was a new option it was Mellee, Ranged, and ACCESSORIES this option was not in the menu a few months ago. Why is this here is there somthing else I can get now? Or is this something that will be added upon the Fable 3 release?

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I repeat I played the game when it origanally came out and for a long time after that...not once did I see this new option until I replaced it a few days ago.

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From: kuvuplan 4 years ago

I do believe you encountered a bug. At one point, they probably intended for there to be equip able Accessories, but removed it early on in development, but apparently, not completely.

I recall seeing something odd and strange like that, after using an Augment. The menu items look different, but I keep staring at the Augment Slots to the right end of Ranged, Melee, etc... I usually back out of the menu and bring it back up to clear that glitch, then proceed to add another Augment.

You could be right though, they have been developing Fable III for awhile and have patch Fable II. They may have gotten some of the bits mixed up and added a menu option from Fable III into Fable II, under certain circumstances. If this is the case, then we can wait for Fable III to be released and see if we get Accessories.

It is either something removed in early development, and missed in Q/A, or was missed by Q/A when a patch was released exposing an olde option, or a new patch contained some Fable III bits and added it, unintentionally.
Either way, only Lionhead Studios knows the answer, and they probably won't announce how a bug entered their product. They may inform us of Bugs getting fixed, post-patch.

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I think it's something the developers forgot to put in the game or cut from the game.

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