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Asked: 6 years ago

Deceased Dog help?

At the end - I pick wealth over the other two cards. So is there a way to bring my dog back to life to get certain achievements?

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From: Magicman10893 5 years ago

DLC has a mystical tomb for bringing your dog back to life of you do all the quests that come with the DLC.

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Nope. Always pick the dog... The game is screwed up without it. You can never get the dog back.

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If you didn't choose to bring you dog back to life there is a way to get him back at the rookridge demon door if you haven't opened it yet, go there and you'll see a ghost dog near the door and you can interact with him as if he's alive but he won't follow you away very far

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You need to pick the love one or the game will not be fully completed

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Like Magicman10893 said, there actually is a mystical tomb to ressurect your dog. When you are able to activate it, take ANY person into the tomb and they will act as if they just stepped into the Sacrificial Circle in the Temple of Shadows. Then run outside the tomb and pull the lever to the left of the tomb. The person inside will get electricuted and die, but your dog will appear and he will lick you. Then he should find a Dig Spot right next to the lever.

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