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Asked: 6 years ago

Wraithmarsh Rumbling?

What is with the constant rumbling in Wraithmarsh, is there any way to stop it?

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The rumbling varies, it is sometimes very frequent, shaking the screen; or vary rare, only rumbling the controller.

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From: diablo5843 6 years ago

Im pretty sure it's either the hollow men or the balverines that fight each other on the side of the big lake that once was Oakvale and round the corner from the shadow court because im sure that when the hollows spawn they break up though the ground and shake the screen or the balverines jump down from where ever they spawn and shake it.
Either way i think it's because of them

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How often is it because I think it just might be part of the game

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The rumbling is the hollow men spawning, in areas that you currently can't see. if there is an area that you walk into and a bunch of hollowmen run at you, they spawned when you couldn't see them, but the rumbling lets you know they are there. I hope that helped :)

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