Question from will_otaku

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i get rid of white hair?

Ive just accepted the age sapping from the dark council and then i did the brightwood tower quest- my face is young again, but my hair is stuck white- any way to get it back to brown?

Additional details - 5 years ago

so how do i actully dye my hair? i know how do dye clothes, but i don't see the option to- do you need the DLC to get the hair dye? if so for me thats a problem as i dont have live :(

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From: HybridTheory13 5 years ago

Almost any dye can be used on your hair, just go as if to dye clothes, and go down to hair at the bottom of the menu. I dont think there is a brown one, but there is black, blonde, or red.

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dye it. I dyed my clothes and stuff too so i have a ton of dyes in my inventory and i just dyed it back to a color I liked - if you have dyes already use those or you can buy them from the clothes sellers (under "buy itmes") or sometimes other traders have them. Hope that helps. Other hair issue you may have in the future is baldness - you can go to a stylist and "buy" a hairstyle which will put hair back on your head!

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Within the Knothole island expansion, there is actual hairdye you can buy and find while exploring the island, so far I found Auburn hairdye and Blonde hairdye. this will work better than using just the regular clothing dye you get through the game

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Go To Dyes Then Go To The Bottem Of The Screen It Should Say Hair

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