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Asked: 5 years ago

Megafowel 2?

well as i was looking through a house today i found the book, "Megafowel" and as i read it, it mentioned a sequel to the book that was highly rare, and so i was wondering if this book actually exists. If by some strange turn on events, it DOES exist, then decide yourself weather you want to give spoilers to its location, as i have no preference.

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From: ItzLim 5 years ago

From what I've heard, it is an extremely rare book with a seemingly random spawn. Though what I've been thinking is looking through any book store/trader, and taking or stealing from high quality bookshelves, most notably Reaver's Mansion and Castle Fairfax.

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It just so happens that i JUST NOW conviently found the book. It's inside of the Bowerstone gravekeeper's house in the graveyard. On the second to the left as you walk in. The room looks like a study. There's only one bookcase you can search and it has the "Megafowl 2" book in it. You might have to do the gravekeeper's quest, because he doesn't let you in until you find his first "thing". But you might be able to knock down his door. I don't know. Hope it helped!

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