Question from skywalkerlion

Asked: 6 years ago

Knothole Island Dog?

How do I revive my dog in knothole island?

Additional details - 5 years ago

How much evil/corruption points does tht put on me?I currently have a halo and dont want to work too hard to get it back after this.

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From: Greiver_2112 6 years ago

When you get to Knothole Island, near the Cheiftan's home is a small cemetery. there you will find the Shrine of Cheet-Ur. It requires a sacrifice in order to revive your dog. Just grab the nearest villager, make him/her follow you, walk them into the small crypt, tell them to wait, pull the lever, and boom, villager dead and your dog back alive and frisky.

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Not to much corruption , i still had my halo after i did it

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Thanks for that! I want my dog back. I'm evil anyway so the corruption doesn't matter. Haha.

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