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Asked: 6 years ago

Why isnt my DLC of Knothole island working?

I was wondering why the DLC I bought isnt working. The man with the sub in Bowerstone that is suposed to bring you there isnt there on my game. Why? Some othere things that might help: My Xbox isnt connected to the internet and I havnt beaten the original quests in the game. Also I bought the premium version.

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From: Menchacat 6 years ago

Hey I found out the answer by myself, wolf of the mist you were kinda right. What happened was I downloaded the DLC and then unplugged my Xbox as soon as the download finished. When I plugged it back in the game needed to be updated do I could play the DLC. The reason I couldnt play is because the game wasnt updated.

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I'm almost certain taht you must have beaten the game before you can get to Knothole Island. Byt beating the game I mean having you wish granted in the Spire after killing Lucien. Your problem also havehappend to my friend and beating the game solved his problem. Hope that will help you.

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I'm pretty sure you need to be connected to the internet, because I have the same problem.It works fine online, but when I disconnect is says it can't load my save because I apparently don't have the right content.Is that what's happening to you?

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