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Asked: 5 years ago

Is it possible to get the Commandant's sword?

I saw the character on the back of the game case with a sword like the Commandant's. So is it possible to get it and if so how?

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Is it the Maelstrom? That is what my friend told me.

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From: HiimCyrus 5 years ago

I dont belive you can get the commandants sword...but if you want the maelstrom join the temple of shadow and get 2000 loyalty pints...(i suggest marrying whores lol)

itsj sut liek the demon guy on the cna be KINDOF liek him...but not look exactly liek him

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Pardon my spelling please ;]

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wen you marry the whores sacrifice them DONOT take more then 1 wife at a time...apparantly they dont like meeting eachother lol

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It is possible to acquire a Maelstrom (the sword the Commandant wields) through the Temple of Shadows, but it's probably not the particular one the Commandant wielded.

If that makes sense.

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the sword the commandant uses is definately the maelstrom as I own 2 or 3 and used it alot when my character was evil. To get it earn 2000 dark loyalty points, then sacrifice your spouse between 12-1pm (you can find out the time by pausing the game it is near the top). If you helped the temple of light earlier on the temple of shadows will be destroyed meaning you can't get it. I will hapilly trade it for any interesting items you have, I will also trade anything for money as I have plenty to spare I will pay great prices as I'm such a nice guy ;)
My gamertag is : crazykid244 add me and il invite you to my game

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