Question from Snipes_2

Asked: 5 years ago

LionHead Isles Freezing?

Every time i try and Load this Section of the Game it Freezes Mid-Load. The Disc is Brand new, I've tried at Least 4 Times and it froze every time. Can Anyone Help me with this Dilemma?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Ok, I checked the Disc for scratches and I Tried goofing around for a Half an hour and coming back to it but it still froze. I'll try making another File now I guess. Thanks for your Help

Accepted Answer

From: neppy_leet 5 years ago

I had this same problem. Even though the disc is brand new, I suggest following these steps:

1) Check the disc. The XBox 360 is known to scratch things if it's bumped while being in a vertical position. If it's new enough and there IS a scratch, you could always exchange it.

2) This is what I had to do: continue the game besides that area and come back to it later. Otherwise, make another file (don't erase this one) and see if it'll allow you to get there on that file.

If you try those and the problem persists, I'd suggest contacting the company (Microsoft, if necessary) to get the problem resolved, because it will be a serious issue beyond that.

Good luck!

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