Question from Djskater927

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I duplicate the Rising Sun?

I've looked around on the internet, but I have still not found a sight that explains how to duplicate.

Accepted Answer

From: A_Soggy_Rat 5 years ago

Getting another Rising Sun isn't difficult, just go donate some money at the Temple again to become the Harvest Benefactor for a second time, and then donate 10,000 gold between 12pm-1pm and you'll be given it again.

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Don't know what the point is But I did it once before the spire and once after the spire and i got the mage. I have only got two.

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I dont kn ow how I did it, but i three extras. I did the donating and got one, then I went and got the malestrom from the temple of shadows, and the next three times I entered oakfield, one automatically appeared in my inventory.

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