Question from Agent_Stroud

Asked: 5 years ago

General Goods Trader on Knothole Island never has any clothes for sale. What am I doing wrong?

I know that the General Goods Trader on Knothole Island is supposed to sell the Tart Gloves and Boots and the All-Weather Chapeau, but every time I check his shop, there are no clothing items for sale. Does the General Goods Trader only stock these items after a certain point in the game, or is there some other requirement that I have to meet before the General Goods Trader will start selling these items?

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From: Agent_Stroud 5 years ago

Never mind, it seems that my problem solved itself. It turns out that I needed to be at a certain point in the main quest before the All Weather Chapeau and the Tart Gloves/Boots became available for purchase. I do want to thank both of you for trying to help me, though. I hope you both have a nice day.


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Im not shure but if a person has nothing to sell, try sleeping for 24 hours or seven days either than that i have no idea

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Hmmm... Is it still winter?

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