Question from abnormal2004

Asked: 5 years ago

Is it possible to play with a friend with only one xbox (2 controllers, of course), game disc, and set of save-data?

If so, could somebody please direct this blonde as to how it is done???


Accepted Answer

From: J_Bug_P 5 years ago

Ok i found it. You turn on two controllers, then just start the game like normal. Once you have loaded your account(playing). Use the second controller and press start. A screen will pop up with a pic of your character and another. simpily choose how you want the other person to look. it tells you how to do everything from there......HAVE FUN

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I'm not shure i'll check but if youre in the mood just hook up two of your controllers(if you have two). And see if you can play, ill get back to you

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