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Asked: 5 years ago

How to get 1M gold?

I want to buy Farfax Casal but I need to get 1M gold?

Accepted Answer

From: ChaosRuler21 5 years ago

Your best bet is to do jobs up to level 5 i suggest the black smith. once u have about 100,000 gold u can make some real money.

Go and sleep till there is a sale at a weapon shop at least 50% if not 75% a stone cutter is good too. Preferable a sale from a shop u own but it does not matter. Buy the most expensive items u can then travel to another weapon shop and sell them back.
You should make a good couple hundred thousand each time and just rinse and repeat till u got 1 mill.

Also what u should do is instead of buyin fairfax buy all the shops and houses u can then rent them at maximum rent and everu fewmuinets u make money I make 30,000 every 3 mins so thats worth a look.

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Btw this is my own original fable money making technique.

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