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Asked: 5 years ago

When can you get your second child?

Well i got my wife ( alex from that ghost quest ) and i have my first baby ( its still in his crib ) but when can you get your second child i already had a good time with her a few times to get the second one but i seems i can't get it so can you help me out, maybe i just do it wrong

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Well that didn't work cuz i still can't get a new kid

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And my other baby keeps in his crib and transport to my house

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To get a second child you must take alex to a diffrent home and buy that one then have a good time again thats how you get a second child

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Go away for awhile untill your kid grew up to a 10 year old. then have sex a few times untill you got your second kid.
you could also marry different spouses at different towns for more kids, i got at least two
kids in four towns :p

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Oh yeah, i forgot to mention you cant have a second baby in one house if the first one is still in its crib

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I totaly forgot about this but, it depends on how far you are in the game, before you go to the spire you can have only one kid, it will be 10 years later when you return from the spire, afterwards you can have all the kids you want.
but max 2 in one house.

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