Question from Plinkman

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get the goth agivement??

I have dyed al my clothes black secondary and primary, my beard my hair and still nothing. tryed the dark face make up nothing, is there somthing i not doing, certain location in albion? Evil, pure, curup, good? certain clothes u need to wear? Is there all Black face makeup somewhere? Please help!!!!!

Additional details - 5 years ago

I tryed the chicken suit and nothing. I also tryed all clothing that i have and nothing. I have tattoos and nothing. How do I get this achivement. What am I doing wrong. I have dyed everything i have with moonless midnight dye nothing. Tryed the dark make up and nothing. Please help.

Accepted Answer

From: skunky_boy_mwha 5 years ago

Im not sure wot ur doing. but all i did was had primary colours black, and then i htink its called goth make-up in bowerstone market. then u should get it.

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Use midnight dye .. or else try other clothes.. i did it with a chicken sout and it looked awsome

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Hey I did it with the Spire guard uniform and try Tattoos with it I had tattoos.

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