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Asked: 5 years ago

Archaeology Help Please??

I need help with this one, it told me that it was near the last one which was in Westcliff, and it was in a cave near the beach, so I tried Hobbe Cave and Wellspring Cave, and still, I can't find it.

Accepted Answer

From: MetalGearRAXA 5 years ago

Quick travel to Hobbe Cave(through the pause screen) and then immediately turn around and exit the cave to be on the beach. Kill the Hobbes, get in the water, and swim to your right. Follow the water to another beach. You should be attacked bya few Hollowmen. Follow the beach to a door which leads to a cave. I can't remember the name exactly. Head in there to find the artifact.
There is also a silver key in this cave and a treasure chest(500 gold, I think) in addition to the buried artifact. THe only enemies are beetles, and it's a short cave that loops back to the entrance.

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