Question from KingKaineng

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I solve Westcliff Demon Door?

Is there any way besides becoming really corrupt since I want to be a good person in the game. For example: killing someone in front of it or something.

Accepted Answer

From: MetalGearRAXA 5 years ago

Good people wouldn't just kill someone in front of a talking door 0_o

That being said, just buy a bunch of buildings and then jack the rent up to +100%. You'll get some extra cash and alot of corruption(very quickly). Go through the door, collect your prize, go back to each house, set the rent on each house to -100% to get rid of the corruption and get purity points. Case closed.

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Also eating or drinking things that have minus Purity will corrupt you, as well as make you fat which can get you the salad dodger title if you want, plus drinking alot of ceap beer make everyone sound like they are in slow motion :).

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