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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I level up Assassination Jobs?

Can anyone help me out with the assassination jobs. I have done at least 5, maybe six of these jobs for the assassination group, but I keep getting one-star risk assignments. I expected this to progress at least to 2 in this the first 5 jobs, but can anyone tell me when this changes?

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From: Slasher424242 6 years ago

It is random yes but at the the same time it depends on what you have done in the past effects what you get now. The more decisions that you make that would negatively affect the status of Albion will help to determine the level of Assasinations that you will recieve. Such as:

If when you were a child and did not help make the Bowerstone Old town a better place, I experienced an average of a 4 Star ranking (doing 9 assasination quests) in my olderdays when they were availible.

On the other hand when I helped make it a better place, and just to clarify this is the only difference in both gameplays to the point where the quests are availible. When I made bowerstone Old town better by turning in the warrants, I got an average 3 star ranking.

I havent tested it with anything else but the more depreciated the state of the nation is, the more it will affect what level assasinations there are because in a more corrupt and vile world, there will be more chaos and hence, more chances for "improvements"

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You actually don't, it's simply a random chance of what level the job will be.

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That's dumb. It should have a progressive quest base so I can takeover the Assassination society.

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That's dumb. It should have a progressive quest base so I can takeover the Assassination society.

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I'm sorry sublime, but that's the breaks.

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They seem to be based on some combination of Story Progress (further the better), Renown (higher the better), alignment (eviller the better), and maybe economy (Dunno if higher or lower is better). It seems easier to swing then Bounty Hunting, but 5-star missions for both are incredibly rare- I only saw one for Bounty Hunting my entire good-guy playthrough.

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As you progress through the game the Ai gives a randomly harder level so at the end of the game you expect to have 3 to 5 star assassinations.

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