Question from codeblack69

Asked: 5 years ago

Fable 2 online dolls and gift achivement?

Hey guy i've been trying to get the doll achievement and the gift one but none of my friends own the game so i was wondering if anyone who has all the dolls could add me on live and just sell one and buy it back (thus giving me the achievement) anyone willing to do so will be given any unique weapon of their choice

Accepted Answer

From: Plinkman 5 years ago

I will be home at 6:30 eastern stadard time and wil be playing The new dlc see the future content. My gt is TS4815162342 send me a message and we can meet and trade so you can get both achievements. it is pretty easy to get both

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I have all of the hero dolls and are willing to give you it for some kind of weapon or the high rollers coat. What weapons do you have to trade?

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