Question from digger1692

Asked: 5 years ago

The Colourist Achievement and Grumpy George?

Has anyone gotten "The Colourist" Achievement. If so, how? I've been up and down both levels of the expansion and gotten every dye I could find.

I was wondering if it had something to do with the Grumpy Rabbit story. There's a rabbit hole in the Cursed Skull near the Mysterious Cave with a basket nearby. In the story, it says that the rabbit had an egg he placed in there. Is there an egg somewhere that you can put in that basket? Is that how you find the last dye?

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks ahead!

Additional details - 5 years ago

Yeah, I got the dye from Chesty. I also got the one up in The Last Beacon. Those were the two I imagined being the hardest to find.

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From: pastyD 5 years ago

You probably don't have the strawberry blond dye, which you acquire by finding all the teddy bears in the coliseum.

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Did you get the Gory Gory Red Dye from Chesty?

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Read the story, pass through the stone gates in order, and receive the Dingly Egg

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