Question from squashua13

Asked: 6 years ago

Whats the best place to buy houses?

I don't like the houses in old town or oakfield is there anywhere else to buy a house? I'm looking for a really nice house.

Accepted Answer

From: photogspeedster 6 years ago

There are four main houses/mansions in the game that you can buy. The mansion in the Bowerstone cemetery, Reaver's Mansion, brightwood tower, and castle fairfax. if you are corrupt enough and raise the rent prices you will be filthy rich in no time. ( you do have to complete the main story in order to buy reaver's mansion, castle fairfax)

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you can basically buy any house in the game it seems, there are only a few things that you can't buy but I think even those things become available after some time.

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Bowerstone Market has some good rent returns on their houses and shops.

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Personally the house behind one of the demon doors made me happy, I just use that.

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You also have to advance to a certain point in the game to buy stuff in certain towns. Everything is buyable.

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I bought all the houses in Gypsy Lake, lowered the rent. Then bought the stores in Bowerstone Market and raised the prices. Kinda off sets each other I belive, because my corruption isn't up or down any. I'm kinda in the middle.

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