Question from Plinkman

Asked: 5 years ago

Where is the Ethical Green Dye in the see the future DLC can't seem to find it?

There is one guide on gamfaqs for see the future and it list the dye as a item but doesn't say where it is, anybody know?

Additional details - 5 years ago

So it is where all those statues of the heros is where there is a locked gate that has a cullis gate on the other side. The first tomb with the wisps has the brown dye in it right? I have all of the dyes exept this one. I don't have the achievement so i know that it is not I know its not called envy green dye that i have in my inventory. Its not in the mysteriuos cave right?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I found it. You have to do the herioc pose to the last hero statue and defeat the statues to open the gate. Go threw the cullis gat e to the last beacon and there willbe a chest up there with the dye. Thanks for helping me and not elling me everything on how to get it. I like to figure things out for myself if i can. Thanks agian MetalGearRAXA this not the first time you have helped me.

Accepted Answer

From: MetalGearRAXA 5 years ago

In the Cursed Skull. Head past the first tomb that had wisps and go right on a hidden path. There will be a Murgo Statue and a gate. Grab the statue and move on. It's straightforward from there.

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I'm here to help. Glad I didn't have to spoil how to get it for you.

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