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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find armor in fable 2?

I know we can buy diffrent clothes in fable 2 but is there any way we can get armor like first fable were you got plate armor and stuff?

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From: forsaken11 6 years ago

They did not include armor in fable 2 after the way it completely failed in fable 1. Having armor which is functional completely negated the inclusion of neat clothing to customize your character, and if they had put in armor most people would wear platemail instead of clothing. Personally I love the change, allowing my skillful swashbuckler to run around looking like a pirate instead of a tinman.

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Even so, something would be better than nothing. The clothes in Fable sucked anyway.

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It also makes a lot of sense not to have armor considering the time period. I'm pretty sure there weren't any knights in shining armor carrying rifles around with them...

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The armor looked better than running around in Bright Villager outfits is my point. Hell, I'd trade in all the clothes I have on my guy right now for a set of Bright Plate. It would look better in this game, anyway.

And yeah, since this is a sort of Victorian era game, armor shouldn't be in it. But either should trolls, hobbes, and all the other beasties. Bleh, I digress.

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I feel that the clothing in this second game is a little bit of a dissapointment, ive been trying to make my character look as evil as possible, but the best i can do is the spire guard outfit.

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Ya dude, y would there be armor in this game, i couldn't image some 1 dyeing armor>_< and like the forsaken1111 i agree that its funner to run around in outfits like the highway man outfit than in chain or plate mail.

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well, u are pretty limited as far as clothes go..... but i would think that after the initial game launch passes they will have tons of downloadable content. "eventually". Now as far as armor goes.. not really the right time period , but maybe they'll have some sort of new age-ish armor type stuff..... but they'll defnately have more clothes i would think

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I think all of you are wrong, as well as right, dependent from perspective.

I will side with wrong, temporally:

Armor should be implemented, usable against melee, and fire arms until you get better aim, hence the skill, or better armament and only as set for damage reduction vs. weapon type location and skill. Idiotic lazy programming.

The coding is already there for that. Hence the head shot.

Now I will side with the right:

Metal shortagehence the reason for no operating mines. Second to that, possibly the quality of metal is restricted, so it would do you no good anyway. Look around in the game, most objects are wood, the metal objects are not that good quality. My reasoning, nonetheless.

However this can not be true because of the smiths and the traders all have abundant weapons, and common sense would dictate to at least make a shield for deflecting guns.

Thank God for the DYE

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PM said NOOOOO ARMOUR (sorry for caps)
i wear just a Hot Date suit and white explorer stuff(im playing as a chick cos in Fable1 u couldnt)=]

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ya there is no armor in the game unless u got a LCE that comes with hal's armor but i got suckerd and did not get it.

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Bright Plate looks better than all the other clothes. Except for Dark Dress, cross-dressing is what it's all about. that's why my chick has a beard. It's funny.

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