Question from Whitemike20052

Asked: 6 years ago

Wife gets killed during one of my active quests! Minor Spoilers?

One of my wives (the best looking one ive found so far) in Bloodstone gets killed everytime i go there because i activated a quest of those 2 twin brothers. The banshee thats gets unleashed by those 2 idiots kills my wife whenever i enter Bloodstone and then they take my kid too. Is there anyway to cancel a quest or to get around this. Also if theres nothing i can do will the game respawn a women similar to my wife? Its the whore with brown hair, the best looking woman ive encountered so far.

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From: Emonquente 6 years ago

Yes a similar gal will turn up.

No you can't avoid her dying if you truly can't protect her.

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Lawlz... just marry another whore and nickname her the name of ur old wifey. LT, Y, then X.. (Whores name here)

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Have you tried moving to another house?

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Yeah, just move her to bowerstone or oakfield, westcliff if you donated the 5k

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