Question from dlfgamer

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i donate to the light temple??

Everything i try doesnt work help.

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From: crisis_grey 6 years ago

In the back right corner there is a podium with a collections box on it, go up to it and press A. if that doesn't work then your game is glitched and I can't help you.

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Before you go make the donation I would just like to state a few things about the temple of light.
1.The holy hour is between 12pm and 1pm.
2.I think you need to donate 10,000 gold or more for them to give you a gift.
3.The only gift I have got was a max of 75 good and i think it is called "The rising sun"

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If you want Good Points donate to beggars in Bowerstone Market =]
but you donate 10k you get 10 points of good
i donated 4 mil so im Good and as Pure as a erm Good and Pure thing

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