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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve fairfax door?

How do i open the door in the fairfax garden?

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From: ridoldy 6 years ago

Into the castle or the gardeny areas?

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What door? I'll answer for all of them. the Daemon Door requires EVERY SINGLE other daemon door in the game to be opened, I won't tell you whats inside, so that you do the other doors to get it (; The Fairfax Castle door to go inside is locked until you 1. Beat the Main Questline. and 2. Buy the Castle for 1 Million Gold Coins (HOLY SH*T!) The two gated off garden areas are Lady Grey's Tomb, and open when you do the Love Hurts quest, wherein, you find Lady Grey's Bodyparts.

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^ Above answer has spoilers. Forgot to put that lol ^

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You need to open all the other Demon doors first

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You have to open EVERY other door but it's not worth it. if you want to know what it is keep reading SPOILER

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