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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can you find your sister at the end?

I chose the needs of the few but I dont know where to find my sister.Help?

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From: Lostfighter001 6 years ago

She's alive, she's just not in the game this time aronud.

I think we can now assign fable 3 a name.

Fable 3: Quest for mah sista

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You don't it's just something they give you to think about, if you could find her it would be a quest. Some people have thought they might continue it with dlc, but it's not confirmed.

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Currently, your sister is not in the game.

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You can find her in Fable 3, lol.

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Well, the typical idea on the internet was that she is not in the game, the note is to make you think about it. Most people guess that she is with Scythe from the first fable

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Sure people stick to the Scythe guy but I think she is with our first hero from fable 1 that is probably the reason that she can't remember his name lol and since Theresa survived for 500 years don't you think he will too?

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Rose is with Scythe and probably with Jack of Blades, having a three way. *achievement unlocked*

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In the first Fable, you get Jack's mask. My guess is that the mask was hiding something, not for attractiveness. So a threesomes probably out...

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