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Asked: 6 years ago

Hero Dolls?

Where are they?

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From: deathconjust 6 years ago

Actually 2 place 1st is red dragon pistol
as for another doll after you beat main quests or go on internet watch heroes tale and choose one three crowns

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You can get 1 hero doll at the westcliff shootiong range, its the first place prize

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i have 20 of the English Flag Underwear dno Glitched out YAY

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Okay, let me explain. A hero doll you can get is at the westcliff shooting range for 2nd prize, that is the only one you can get. You get all the others by trading with other people on X-box live. That is the only way to get all of them.

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Masako333 is correct. Tell you what, if anyone needs help with that achievment my gamertag is Gray Fox PS. I'll be more than happy to lend out my collection for anyone.

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