Question from bigbluetick

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Highway Man Outfit?

I would like to get the rest of the highway man outfit. So far all I have is the mask and the hat. And everyone laughs at me when Im naked. :P

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From: ashynioki 6 years ago

You can get the coat, trousers, boots and gloves from a traveling merchant, usually not until you are supposed to meet Hammer in Brightwood. There is no shirt. For the gents, i prefer toggling the coat closed. For the ladies, I wear a corset and dye the whole ensemble black. The Crucible traders and Bloodstone clothing shop are the most reliable locations to find the Highwayman outfit in its entirety.

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I got mine at a traveling merchant.

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End of story.

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You can get the outfit from anywhere other than bowerstone unless you sold a highway man coat there at one point

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