Question from Shadow_Emerald

Asked: 5 years ago

What's up with "The Rescue"?

I just had my character married, after finally accepting that I'm stuck as a girl. We had a son and I got the rescue mission. But I can't find my husband in caste fairfax. I went to bowerstone and the "Quest" icon is in the Pants! shop. But there's nothing. Any ideas how this works?

Accepted Answer

From: Shadowmonk150 5 years ago

It is a glitch in the game, and many people have unfortunately fallen victim to this glitch. I, myself, am one.

You have to restart the game on that profile, otherwise your "mate" won't be reappearing.

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My wife disappeared just as ur husband did however I did find her again. Ur map will no longer accept that s/he exists but s/he is still there just without the marriage symbol above his/her head. hopefully u will run into him/her by chance like I did. Goodluck (and srry bout ur "sex" problem).

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