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Asked: 6 years ago

in Fable 2 how do you open the brightwood demon door?

I have tried continuesly to open this door but in everything I do it will just not open... now I think it is asking me for Posh trousers, I do not know exactly if that is what it means but I cannot hear it that well, and its asking me for a corset... I dont know what the hell posh trousers are and I cannot find where a corset is.

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but where can I find anything with posh...? I have looked everywhere

Additional details - 6 years ago

but where can I find anything with posh...? I have looked everywhere

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From: CPTRiggs 6 years ago

I need dreadlocks, mutton chops (the chops), a corset (bowerstone female tailor), a strumpet skirt (called a tart skirt, i got it from traders in rookridge), and a farmers hat (yokel hat, i think i got it at the clothing stand in oakfield). I've heard about this posh stuff before and posh means nice, so by "noble" trousers thats what it means just like strumpet means whorish/tart.

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i found the corset in the main market clothing shop. if it is not there' sleep for 7 says to reload the inventory. the pants just need to have a poshness of 10 % I think. I needed a posh shirt and the 10% poshness worked for me.

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I know I wore Yokel hat and I believe I wore Noble blouse for the top.
I don't remember what i wore for the skirt but I think the point is just looking silly.

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I have the same problem , can someone tell me what to do from the beginning ? ( what i need and thing like that )


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((spoiler)) straight from the walkthrough: yokel hat or bandit bandanna, dreadlocks or mullet, tart skirt or noble trousers, noble gents shirt or corset... DO NOT WEAR THESE ITEMS OR YOU WILL LOSE THE OTHER CLOTHING YOU HAVE, assemble these items and wait patiently for the door to open, okay, to get dreadlocks or mullet go to beautification factory in bowerstone, same with the stach'/ chops, yokel hat you can get from the clothing store in bowerstone old town, or you can get a bandit bandanna in bloodstone, tart skirt from the travelling clothes person around bower lake/ gypsy camp, noble gent trousers in bowerstone old town, noble gent shirt in bowerstone old town and corset from the female tailor.

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O, n a handlebar moustache or mutton chops

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Well go to bloodstone and get the dreadlocks and look in the tailor shop and check to see if a posh skirt is in there if not than find a random bed and go to sleep for 7 days and if not check everywhere else you know that sells cloths

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