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Asked: 5 years ago

Oakfield Demon door wont open?

In the Official fable2 guineypig clearly stands to get the rare mace covered by the demon door you need to propose to a person who is in love with you in front of the demon door. Ive tried this like 7 times and the door still won't open, he just hangs there idely saying : please, it's just one kiss while i have now 7 very pissed off females running around in Oakvale, what am i doing wrong?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I said Oakvale but i meant oakfield. I was a bit confused with Fable1's oakvale.

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From: Game__chic 5 years ago

First off, it's Oakfield (Oakvale is Wraithmarsh). Second, I had the same problem with the door. There is a sort of glitch in some of the games, so you must become famous enough to use the blow kiss expression located in the flirt section. Just aim yourself so the door is highlighted in purple, and blow him a kiss. The mace you are looking for is in a chest inside of the windmill. It is also a very nice marital home.

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I had to use the blow kiss expression on someone in love with me to get the door open.

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Like ssappi2 said you have to blow a kiss to someone (I had to do it with my wife) to get the door open.

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Also if I were you unless your good do not live in the house with your wife, you can rent it out but don't live in it unless your good. Because there seems to be a glitch (At least It was with my game) that my wife divorced me every time I lived in that house, but when I moved to another house she never divorced me.

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