Question from IKale

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I earn the Worship Expression?

I thought that to get the Worship expression, all you had to do was get your Good all the way up, but I have done that and I still don't have it. Can anyone tell me how to get or buy this expression? I need it to open the Demon Door

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From: jammymacster 6 years ago

Buy the bookstore in Bowerstone Market. Go upstairs and search the book cases upstairs.

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theres two things other things that give you expressions, buying the books from the book stores (or finding some of them) also being renowned enough.
to check the renown you can go to the log book then stats then check the renown or something like and it'll show what you'll get from renown, I believe thats how you got it.

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What Jammy said. Upstairs against the wall, closest to the railing. Its there as far as I and others have found.

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You gotta buy the book shop the do ^^

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