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Asked: 5 years ago

Box of secrets?..

I need help finding some of the items to trade.. I need murgos big book of trading (2) And 3 crunchy chicks.. I think i can get the rest of it.. And also.. Can you unlock Master Chief's Armou like u can his gun?.

Accepted Answer

From: gameking00 5 years ago

You can find 1 of the murgos big book of trading from bowerstone market's bookstore. I am still searching for the second one but the best thing to do is search the bookshelves in the bowerstone market bookstore every once in a while and hopefully u will get lucky unlike my attempts. For the crunchy chicks, u can get them in Oakfield at the porduce trader. If u go in Oakfield from the entrance from Rookridge Road, walk a little then on ur left is the trader. You can also get the puny carrots from him. He only has 1 of each, so get them, sleep for about 14 days, then go back until u got what u need. You can get the crucible peanuts in bowerstone market. And yes, u can get Mater Chiefs armor but u need the limited edition fable 2 and that is what is in the chest in the guild cave.

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As far as murgo's big book of trading goes you can buy 2 from the bookstore but it'll take a lot of restocks before you finally get 2. As far as crunchy chicks go various produce vendors well have them for sale I got my crunchy chicks at the westcliff produce vendor had to wait for 3 restocks.

If you have to gold it's best to buy out the entire bookstore then find a bed sleep 24hrs - 7 days whichever you prefer go back buy it all out again I've found that buying out the entire store seems to make different books come in stock sooner.

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