Question from deathstlkr

Asked: 6 years ago

(Ok,so I married alex and forgot to propose in front of the demon door, what would be the perfect place to live?

I had already screwed up and got married to her and just want to find the perfect place to rase a family, help!

Accepted Answer

From: Azarift87 6 years ago

You don't need to propose in front of the demon door, you only need to woo her a bit and either kiss..or seduce her or something.. I can't recall what exactly I did..try all the flirt emotes..when I opened that demon door, my wife already lived elsewhere with me, but we then moved to the house in the demon door.

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Submitted Answers


Blow your wife a kiss in front of the door. That should satisfy it.

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All you had to do is blow a kiss towards the demon door
weird i know
if my ugly stupid jacked, sqarefaced fable character ever blew me a kiss in real life, i would probaly just throw up

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If blowing a kiss doesn't work just give your wife a ring again.

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