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Asked: 5 years ago

how do I solve?

Does the archeologist quest ever end and if so how and when

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From: PixieDust32891 5 years ago

It does end eventually, it has 13 Artifacts that you have to find.
1- In Bowerstone Old Town
2- Rookridge
3- Bowerstone Cemetery
4- Oakfield
5-Bower Lake
6- Brightwood
7-Bandit Coast
8- Westcliff
9- Gemstone Grotto
10- Wraithmarsh (I hate this region,lol)
11- Bloodstone
12- Guild Cave
13- Reavers Rear Passage, she will be in the dig spot that she is always staring at.
After you give her the laaast one, she'll say that she needs you to do one last thing: go into the cave behind her.

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Yes, it does and the last scroll is at Reaver's Secret Passage and the reward is a gem called The Archorn's Dream.

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