Question from oz2555

Asked: 6 years ago

Do melee and ranged augments stack/work together?

For example, if I put Discipline in one weapon will it only give me more experience when I kill something with that weapon, or will I get more experience regardless so long as its on an active equipped weapon.

Reason for this question is I have both a gun and katana I want to use, with two slots each, but I need to know what to put in which since I have 5 augments I want to use total. =/

If the augments work on you and not only for your weapon, I'll probably go with Lucky Charm, Golden Touch, Ghoul & Devastation...

But if it matters which weapon you put it in I may have to wait or do some others.

This will help me decide.


Additional details - 6 years ago

Yeah, it looks like augments don't stack and are only effective for the active weapon. So... that just means the less-rare ones I'll have to double up on depending on what I need the most. ^_^

Accepted Answer

From: kain74403 6 years ago

Im pretty sure its only for the active weapon.

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