Question from Marco_Rossi

Asked: 5 years ago

how do i open the Wraithmarsh Demon Door (HALP) D= ???

ok, I've fond the demon door in wraithmarsh, but how do i open the damn thing

He Keeps talking about how "He used to act in play & Entertain millions" & stuff

I've tried getting a bunch of people to follow me, but it didn't work



Accepted Answer

From: PixieDust32891 5 years ago

You have to have 10 or more people from FAIRFAX GARDENS to follow you. If not he'll just complain and say "No-No this simply will not do!" Its best if you get more than 10, cuz some might die along the way. Don't grab any of the Traveling Tradesmen though, he will only complain.

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Submitted Answers


Im pretty sure this is what u do.
First buy a lute if you dn't already have one.
then just play it in front of the door
when it says hit the final note or somthing like go for the finish u have to stop playing it right in the sweet spot
Then it should open.

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