Question from greenlotus12

Asked: 5 years ago

Persuasion has never been harder, any one want to help?

After i got saints row and rainbow six vegas 2 my mom doesnt believe me when i say a game is ok for someone my age, so can anyone think of a way to get her to buy this game for me i really want to play it and wait till christmas or your birthday is unnacceptable

Additional details - 5 years ago

My mom thinks it all killing and violence because the character on the cover has a gun(i should have said this originally)

Accepted Answer

From: porky329 5 years ago

It is really not an inappropriate game. My friend isn't allowed M games except COD (his parents think its educatial) and they just got this game for him.

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greenlotus, what IS your age? If you aren't old enough for the game (as it sounds), I suggest you find a way to convince her of your maturity. I was amazingly mature as a kid, so much that i got to play the first Halo at the age of 10.If that doesn't work, well, parents are as parents do.

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