Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
"Quest" icon over my dog? 5
(spoiler) How do I win lady grey's heart? 13
(spoilers) my Knothole island quest 1 will not dissappear even though i have beat the second quest?(spoilers) 2
*Spoiler* Fairfax Gardens last Demon Door items inside? 5
*Spoiler* Gargoyle in Bowerstone Market? 1
*spoilers* If I bring back my dog in the end of the game, will it be a real dog? 2
5 Crunchy Chicks????? 4
Abbot wont respond? 7
Acheologist Quest Help? 2
After completing Treasure Island of Doom quest,how do i go back to the island to get gargoyle? 3
All Archaeologist quest Locations? 4
Archaeologist and this one I can't figure out? 4
Archaeologist quest can't give her scroll? 4
Archaeologists quest. Dog won't find dig spot? 10
Archaeology final? 1
Archeolgy? 1
Archeology i need help on this one? 1
Are quests ever cleared off of the quest list after you complete them? 2
Are there any gargoils in the spire and if so how do i get back? 3
Are there any way to get Fowl Player without chicken suit? 1
Assassinate ship captain HELP!? 5
Barnum help! (spoiler?) 3
Bartender job? 6
Blackmail quest? 3
Blackmail trouble? 3
Blackmail!? 1
Blackmail? 3
Both Temple of Light and Shadows? 1
Bowerstone Cemetary statues? 2
Bowerstone cemetery statue tomb? 1
Bowerstone Jailhouse? 2
Bright wood demon door? 1
Brightwood demon door won't ask me for the darn ch....? 10
Brightwood Demon Door won't open? 5
Can I and if so, how, buy the Fairfax Castle? 4
Can i get inside castle fairfax without buying it? 1
Can someone help me, I'm having trouble getting this achievement? 6
Can you slow down time to help with jobs? 2
Can you still do Love Hurts if you've completed the game? 3
Child quest (new)? 1
Child quest? 2
Childhood, First 5 pieces of gold collecting help? 3
Colleseum P$$^$ OFF? 2
Demon Door locations? 4
Demon door under castle fairfax ? 1
Do kids grow? 5
Do not understand concept of getting brightwood's demon door attention? 4
Does anyone have a list of Places for the Archeologist? 8
Does anyone know the money cheat? 1
Does bowerstone market and old town count as two seperate towns? 5
Does the Sculptor quest ever end? 4
Dog Glitch messing up Love Hurts? 2
Donating to the Light? 4
Emerald of corruption? 1
Endding? 1
Fairfax Gardens Demon Door Question ? 4
Fifth gargoyle in bowerstone lake? 9
Future glitch or stupidity? 1
Gargoyles help ? 2
Gargoyles locations? 8
Gargoyles? 3
Glitches? Maybe or no? 4
Help with "see the future" DLC. Please? 8
Help With Gargoyles? 1
Help with Till Death do Us Apart? 4
How can I find the dig spot on the Treasure Island of Doom quest if I don't have my dog? 3
How can I get the "Love Hurts" quest ??? *possible spoilers* 12
How can i get the expression worship? and what do i have to do to statues? 2
How can I reach knothole island if the submarine captain were to die? 3
How do bothe temple quests? 5
How do I "Complete" the Westcliff Shooting Range? 3
How do I activate the trap in Round 4 of the Crucible? 1
How do I be not old? 4
How do i beat "the rescue"? 3
How do I buy the temple of shadow? 6
How do I do the Ritual quest? 16
How do i donate to the light temple?? 3
How do I earn the Worship Expression? 4
How do I find and get to the Archon's knot? 3
How do I find Rupert? 1
How do I find the Abbot's daughter, Hannah, in the Ritual quest? 11
How do I finish the Captain Dread's Island quest? 1
How do I get 'The romantic' achievment? 2
How do i get a towns economy to 5? 4
how do i get into that little rabbit burow in the DLC??? 2
How do i get into the gates at Fairfax Gardens? 1
How do i get into the rabbit burow in the DLC??? 1
How do I get Marred? 3
How do i get my dog back to life?? 2
How do I get my kid back? 2
How do I get the Crucible Champion to disappear? 10
How do I get the goth agivement?? 3
How do I get the laugh expression? 8
How do I get the wizard teddy? 1
How do i get to Knothole? 1
How do I get to the final room in Giles basement? 5
How do i get try better Bounty hunts? 1
How do i get worship expression, for the demon door? 5
How do i have intercourse with my wife? 3
How do i kill the ship captain? 4
How do I know what time it is? 1
How do I level up Assassination Jobs? 7
How do I Mount Trophies? 2
How do I open the door in the dryed up lake in Bower Lake? 1
How do I open the first door in the fairfax castle crypt? 3
How do i Open the meat demon door? 7
How do I open the Oakfield demon door? 3
how do i open the Wraithmarsh Demon Door (HALP) D= ??? 2
How do I solve "Rescue"? 6
How do I solve "The Rescue"? 3
How do I solve "till death do us part" in FABLE 2? 38
How do I solve (Articfact mission? 1
How do I solve (Brightwood Demon door) Specific part missing? 3
How do I solve (castle fairfax)? 2
How do I solve (Civilian Displacement - Cultist)? 1
How do I solve (colossium score)? 2
How do I solve and find the BowerLake Deamon Door? 3
How do I solve archaeologist quest without my dog? 4
How do I solve archaeologists quest #2? 7
How do I solve archeologist quest 2? 2
How do I solve Blind Date quest? 2
How do I solve Bowertone Cemetery expression statue? 1
How do I solve civilian recruitment? 1
How do I solve cursed skull qeust? 1
How do I solve cursed skull? 1
How do I solve Demon door? 2
How do I solve Donating to the Light? 3
How do I solve expression statues? 1
How do I solve fairfax door? 5
How do I solve get married? 4
How do I solve Keystone? 2
How do I solve knothole islands 3rd quest? 4
How do I solve knothole islands quest? 2
How do I solve knotholeglade treasure? 4
How do I solve Love Hurts? 4
How do I solve Red Harvest on Fable 2? (spoilers) 9
How do I solve Sacrifising to the Shadows quest? 6
How do I solve the "love hurts" quest? 2
How do I solve the 5th Archeologists mission? 1
How do I solve the Archaeologist quest chain? where do i find the artifacts? 2
How do I solve the archiologist mission? 1
How do I solve the Bowerstone Cemetery Expression Statue? 1
How do I solve the brightwood demon door? 2
How do I solve the Captain Dread Quest in Fable 2? 8
How do I solve The Crucible Champion? 5
How do I solve the demon door in blood stone? 1
How do I solve the demon doors in fable II? 11
How do I solve the doors? 2
How do I solve the Love hurts quest? 1
How do I solve The Rescue? 3
How do I solve the temple of shadows sacrificing quest? 1
How do I solve Westcliff Demon Door? 2
How do I solve Wraithmarsh Demon Door? 20
how do I solve? 2
How do I start love hurts? 5
How Do I Start The Gargoyal Quest? 2
How do I tell if it is between 12am and 1pm for the sacrificing to the shadows quest? 1
How do I upgrade a shop's stock? 2
How do I ware a silver cape? 5
How do Iopen Brightwood's Door? 1
How do you donate to the temple of light?? 3
How do you get in the 4th demon door? 3
How do you take a bath? 1
How many Archealogist quests are there? 2
How much damage does devastation/lucky charm add? 1
How to get in or out of the Crucible waiting room? 1
how to get into Archon's Knot tomb? 8
How to get the romantic achivement? 2
I can't sleep with my husband!? 3
I need help with the following things? 3
I need the hero dolls for the achievement? 3
I need to know if the Treasure Island of Doom quest glitched for anyone else? 1
I'm trying to do the knothole glade quests and can not get please? 1
If your dog dies, can you still open the Demon Door? 4
Is it possible to lose the halo? 5
Is it possible to loss wheight? How? 10
Is the make up needed for the goth achivement called Black face make up or is it callled dark face make up? 2
Is the shooting range in westcliff available in adulthood? 2
Is there a way to transfer a gamer profile onto another avatar? 1
is there any way to get 100 percent EVIL without effecting city economy? 1
Is thereasa evil? (spoilers) 14
Is this the Love Hurts glitch? 1
Knothole Island Dog? 3
Knothole island quest 2 not loading!?!? 3
Knothole island? 1
Lady Gray - Love Hurts Quest- Where did she go to? 6
Lady Gray Help!!? 7
Lady Grey Benefits?? 2
Lady Grey Help? 4
Lady Grey........? 1
Last treasure for salty jack? 3
Lost lady grey? 1
Love Ending - Where the hell is my sister? 15
Mayor of Bowerstone? 3
Mutton Chops? 6
My dog is stuck? (may be a spoiler) 6
My dog won't sniff out last Treasure Island of Doom Treasure?? 1
My spouse dissapeared, how do I finish Retribution? 6
My wife and child Went Missing. Where can i find both of them? 13
My wife is gone and so is my daugter and there is a new quest that says " personal rescue"? 8
My wife is gone(Rescue Quest), any suggestions? 5
My wife wont get pregnant? 10
Mystical Midnight for quest? 3
Need help with the archaeologist locations ? 2
Oakfield Demon door wont open? 4
Oakfield massacre? 4
On the Rescue and can't return child home? 5
One of the Ancient Scrolls? 1
Orb target in cemetery? 3
Party Animal? 1
Possible glitch with Donating to the light? 1
Prize for expression statues? 3
Problems with The Rescue Quest (the end of it) please? 1
Question about the Sculptor and Oakvale Massacre? 2
Rookridge fifth gargoyle? 4
Ruler of Albion? 1
Sacrifices keep running away?! 5
Sacrificing To The Shadows? SPOILERS 3
Sculptor Locations ? 1
Sculptor quest? 2
See the Future DLC ending? 2
Shadow court consequences? 2
SirLOL ask: Charley/ Granny Quest, how to save his mortal carcase? 4
So after the main quest is beaten...? 8
So how do I solve Love Hurts? 1
Someone who can help out? 7
SPOILER! What's inside the chest in castle Fairfax? 2
T.O.B.Y. Quest? 7
Temple of Light Donations?? 8
Temple of Shadows?? 1
The rescue quest? 2
The Temple Of Shadows is giving me problems!! PLZ help? 1
Toby quest? 1
Toby? 1
Treasure Island of Doom help? 15
Treasure Island of Doom? 1
Two gargoyles i cant seem 2 find? 11
What are the requirements for all the Demon Doors? 1
What are the ultimate rammifications of losing the experience in the Spire? 1
What do i do with the bent over statue in Bowerstone graveyard? are there others like it? 1
What do you get when you do sacrifice at mystical midnight? 1
What happens if I don't pay the blackmailer? 2
What is with the statues that drop the masks? 2
What Quests are repeatable? 3
What's up with "The Rescue"? 2
Whats the reward for the gargoyle quest? 2
Whats the secret of the three gems? 8
Whats the Trick to Keystone, I want the bed but I can't seem to get anything going on keystone? 1
Whats with broken Statues? 1
Whats wrong? Glitch? 5
When does "The Rescue" quest appear? 2
When is the last quest for see the future unlocked? 2
Where are all the Staute Bases? 5
Where are the Gargoyle Locations in stone, WraithMarsh and Fairfax Gardens? 1
Where are the tattooists? 7
Where can I find a monocle person? 4
Where do I dig up the last artifact? 5
Where do you buy the dreadlocks hair style? 4
Where is archaeology 2? 1
Where is Archons Knot tomb? 4
Where is Matthew the Monk? 1
Where is Rose? (spoilers) 23
Where is the barn at Giles Farm? 2
Where is the demon door in Wraithmarsh? 5
Where is the Ethical Green Dye in the see the future DLC can't seem to find it? 2
Where is the fiction burns bookstore? 2
Where is the FINAL artifact? 1
Where is the oakfield demon door? 1
Where is the Third Oakfield GG? 2
Where/When do I get the Bounty Hunter Job? 8
Wife gets killed during one of my active quests! Minor Spoilers? 4
Wrong time to donate? 1
Youth or Aged? 1

Item Location Help Answers
*Spoiler* Silver Keys? 5
51 Silver Keys? 4
Accessory? 2
After I beat the quest in See the Future with the Cursed Skull, can i use it again to get back to the place? 1
Am I screwed when it comes to the keys now? 2
Any drawbacks to using the mysteriuos ring? does it kill my wife? 16
Any one willing to sell fable 2 hero dolls and halo armor? 1
Anyone interested in a trade? 2
Anyone know a good way to get the Last teddy in the Coliseum? 2
Anyone want to sell me their hero dolls(paying 500,000+ gold per doll)? 1
Are there 3 Augment Weapons? 1
Are there any achievements that you only have one chance to get? 1
Are there any extra keys or gargoyles? 2
Are there any white dyes in the game? 6
Augment assistance? 1
Augments even eachother out? 1
Augments: Best Will User combination? 1
Augments: Do they stack when combined on two seperate weapons? 1
Augments: Piercing Agony? 1
Bonus item help? 1
Box Art Sword Strap? 1
Box of Secrets help? 3
Box of secrets?.. 2
Can anyone tell me what is in the last silver chest and where it is? 2
Can I flip an Eye Patch so it covers the right eye? 1
can I get the enforcer after the Red harvest quest? 3
Can I mount my trophys in Castle Farifax? 2
Can I redecorate stalls? 1
Can I still get the underwater augment in Bower Lake's Tomb? 1
Can I trade items between my characters? 5
Can someone help me with the 'dollcatcher' achievement? 8
Can someone trade with me? 1
Can you get the commandants sword? 1
Can you trade knothole items with somone who doesn't hav the premium? 1
Chest in guild help? 2
DLC location? 3
DLC/Language pack related question? 1
Do i have to buy bullets? 2
Do I need the dog to be able to get all silver keys? 2
Do melee and ranged augments stack/work together? 1
Does anyone else have the master warhammer? 3
Does anyone know exactly how many dog collars there are? 2
Does anyone know how many dyes and augments there are? 2
Does clothing have any defensive properties? 1
Does the Hero Doll change? 1
Does the youth regen potion exist? 3
Does this title exsist? 1
Dog Collars? 3
Dog Elixir? 3
Dolls needed? 1
Experience Potions?! 8 Chest Question? 2
Feb 3, 09...last achievement...the doll one. help? 1
Gargoyle treasure? 1
Gates in Fairfax Gardens? 1
General Goods Trader on Knothole Island never has any clothes for sale. What am I doing wrong? 3
Giles Farm Basement...? *Spoilers* 1
Gold Cheat? 4
Hal's armor and sword? 1
Hal's Armor help? 3
Heavy Repeating Crossbow? 1
Help on teddy glitch? 1
Help with a key and a chest? 1
Help with those darn hero dolls? 1
Hero Dolls Please? :D 1
hero dolls WTF? 1
Hero Dolls? 5
Highrollers Coat? 2
How can I buy furniture? 9
How can i buy the Bowerstone Cemetery ? 3
How can i get a master flintlock rifle and a masta katana both with 4 augmentation slots? 5
How can I get The Counterfeit Warrior expression book? 1
How can I remove clown makeup and braids? 1
How do I duplicate the Rising Sun? 3
How do I exactly obtain the items from the fate chamber chest? 1
How do I get at this one gargoyle? 1
How do i get dreadlocks? 3
How do I get hal's rifle? 1
How do i get hals armor? 6
How do i get rid of the exclamation? 1
how do i get the Ancestor's Items? 2
How do i get the nutcracker achievment? 1
How do i get the silver key in Bowerstone Market? 1
How do I get the vulgar thrust expression? 1
How do I give autographs? 1
How do I open purple doors? 1
How do I open the Gold chest? 1
How do i sell my trophys? 2
How do I trade items/equipment? 2
How do i use augments? 4
How do turn the pip-boy 3000's flashlight on/off? 4
How do you get the WHORSHIP exspression? 4
How do you trade with people online? 2
How many LEGENDARY Weapons are there in Fable (excluding the ones we need to go online for)? 4
How many ownable buildings are there? 1
How many silver key chests are there? 2
How many Treasure Chests are in each area? 3
How much does Castle Fairfax Cost? 3
How to get 1M gold? 2
How to get the master chief armour? 1
I bought furniture but how do I use it? 1
I cant find Bloodstone Silver keys? 1
I cant find one of the gargoyles? 4
I got a box and it had a Cascade hair style? 1
I need a solid answer. Can the Hal(o) armor and sword really be traded? 5
I need Help!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<? 1
I opened all the Demon Doors, but didnt get the achievement? 1
I sold my spade on acciedent how do i get anthor one? 3
I won the coat from the torunment but i can't find it in my character's inventory help please? 1
I've lost my shovel and i can't buy anotherone anywhere? 1
Ice shrine volume? 1
If i didnt use the sex change potion, will i ever get another chance? 4
If you cannot access xbox live, can you still obtain the pink dye? 7
If you sell knothole potions in Bowerstone, will they stock knothole potions there? 1
If you start a new game will you lose the Halo armor? 1
Is it possible ? 1
Is it possible to get a maelstrom and a rising sun? 1
Is it possible to get the Commandant's sword? 5
Is it possible to get the gun that he's holding on the cover? 1
Is it possible to get the Legendary Cleaver after Hero of Will quest? 1
Is it possible to get.......? 4
Is it possible to improve a shops goods? 1
Is it true the Diamond of Sorrow can restore you? *Potential Spoilers* 1
Is there a way to get your dog back after choseing the sacrifice? 4
Is there a weapon with three augments? 2
Item trading? 1
Items and How to Get them: ? 2
Key what for? 1
Knothole Island Mystery Shop weapons? 1
Life Potion Effects? 2
Looking for Gory Glory Dye and cant find the orb? 1
Luck and skill augment? 1
Megafowel 2? 2
Monk Robes help (HUGE ROBES)?? 2
Mutton chops help? 1
My dog can't find the Enforcer in the Farm Cellar HELP? 1
Need specific location for the weapon in Farmer Giles Cellar? 1
Obtaining the Ancestor's Items? 1
Please help does anyone have a hammer doll for trade or sale??? 1
please help with Hero dolls? dolls for money (in game money) 4
Question on augments? 1
Rammer and The Chopper? 1
Ranger Coat? 1
Rent out Graveyard Mansion? 1
Shooting contest and red dragon? 2
Silver Keys (spoiler)? 1
SirLOL Says: You Need an Item, other than legendary? Ask me in game. 2
Sloted weapons, adding/subtracting augments?? 1
Something quick... can you have people follw and help you? 1
Special help with the enforcer, no dog? 1
Temple Of Shadows keys/gargoyles? 1
The chest inside the heroes guild how do i open it? 3
The Concierge achievement? 1
The daichi? 10
The Emerald of Corruption? 1
The item Collar of the radiant eye? 4
The Silver keys that are dug? 1
There is a potion of youth? *SPOILER* 8
Too many Potions of Life? 1
Want my character to look like the one on the cover? 1
What are names and places of the Legendary Weapons I don't have? 3
What can I do with Rose's dairy? 1
What clothing store does tart gloves & boots appear in? 10
What do the stars below item names mean? 1
What is the Best Gun and Sword in the game? 2
What is the Best Sword/Melee Weapon in game and How do i get it? 12
What is the best weapons before and after the spire? 4
What is the Flirty expresstion in the top slot? 1
What is the Gold Bag in the Pause Menu from doing the Chicken Kicking game? 1
What's in the 50 key chest? 1
Whats the best place to buy houses? 6
Where are all of the murgo statues? 1
Where are the other divinity gems? 3
Where are the pub games located? 2
Where are they? 1
Where can I buy a wedding ring? 6
Where can I buy dog health potions? 2
Where can I buy the black make up so I can get the goth acivement? 1
Where can I find (a spade)? 1
Where can I find (bowestone clock tower)? 2
Where can I find (crucnhy chicks)? 11
Where can I find (DLC Armor)? 3
Where can I find (farmer's hat)? 2
Where can I find (Knothole island. II)? 1
Where can I find (special items)? 1
Where can I find (the last Brightwood Gargoyle)? 4
Where can I find 4 or 5 star exp potions, and rare potions? 1
Where can I find 5 Crunchy Chicks? 2
Where can I find a book traders, specific expressions missing ? 3
Where can I find a cutless? 1
Where can I find a farmers hat, posh shirt, or skrumpet skirt? 1
Where can I find a Pure Experience Extract?!?! 1
Where can I find a top hat and/or monocle? 1
Where can I find a weapon with 3(or more) augment slots? 2
Where can I find all of the hero dolls? 1
Where can I find anything resembling RED dye? 11
Where can I find armor in fable 2? 12
Where can I find armor? 3
Where can I find assasins outfit? 2
Where can I find Backflip/Hat, Headband, Mustache books? 2
Where can I find Bewitching Augment? 1
Where can I find Black dye? 4
Where can I find Book of Trading? 1
Where can I find chicks? 1
Where can I find come hither book and come back to my place expression? 1
Where can I find condoms? 2
Where can I find Crucible Peanuts? 2
Where can I find dog of war book level four? 1
Where can I find evil armour? 1
Where can I find expression books? 4
Where can i find final oakfield silver key?(possible echo mine) 2
Where can I find full assassin's gear? 4
Where can I find giles grave cuz i need the cullisgate key in the farm cellar? 4
Where can I find Hal's Armor/Sword? 1
Where can I find Highway Man Outfit? 4
Where can I find In the cave of heroes? 6
Where can I find it? 1
Where can I find Jaunty Jaundice? 1
Where can I find Knothole island books viii, ix, and x? 1
Where can I find knothole knight armor? 2
Where can I find laugh expression? 9
Where can I find liquid gold dye? 2
Where can I find Monk Robe, Book to teach Backflip, and Regal Purple Dye? 1
Where can I find Monk Robes? 2
Where can I find Murgo's Big Book of Trading and the Regal Purple Dye? 7
Where can I find Murgos big book of bussiness? 1
Where can I find mutton? 2
Where can I find new dyes? 5
Where can I find pink die? 1
Where can I find punny carrots ( i will pay for some)? 4
Where can I find punny carrots in Fable 2? 1
Where can I find puny carrots? 4
Where can I find Pure Experience Extract? 3
Where can I find Regal Purple dye? 1
Where can I find regal purple dye?? 1
Where can i find someone who sells Cleavers? 3
Where can I find stumpet skirt(brightwood demon door)? 4
Where can I find tattoos? 1
Where can I find that belt to put on my torso like on the back of the fable 2 game cover? 1
Where can I find the 'Grumpy George' letter? 3
Where can I find the 5 warrents? 2
Where can I find the amazing apple pie? 1
Where can I find the Apologize Expression? 1
Where can I find the book " come hither dear"? 5
Where can I find the book "Knothole Island, Vol VII"? 2
Where can I find the bunny hop book? 2
Where can I find the calavera? 1
Where can I find the chest belt? 1
Where can I find the chicken suit in fable 2 and how do I get it? 1
Where can I find the chicken suit,the wrekager,and the daichi? 2
Where can I find the clothes fromt he box art? 2
where can I find the clothing from this dark clothing? 1
Where can I find the dreadlocks? 2
Where can I find the Explorer's Coat? 6
Where can I find the hero doll? 10
Where can I find the High Rollers Coat? 2
Where can I find the knothole island book 2 at? 1
Where can I find the last flirty action? 1
Where can I find the Legendary Weapons? 13
Where can I find the maelstrom? 1
Where can I find the master axe? 1
Where can I find the Nightly Blue dye? 1
Where can I find the outfit on the front cover? 2
Where can I find The Patchy Coat? 1
Where can I find The Picture from your Childhood? 1
Where can I find the pistol the guy has on the case? 2
Where can I find the quest for the Enforcer? 18
Where can I find the rammer? 1
Where can I find the red dragon pistol? 1
Where can I find The Regal Purple Dye? 1
Where can I find the regal purple dye???? 3
Where can I find the sex change potion? 1
Where can I find the top pice of the guy on the back of the cover? 1
Where can I find the yokel hat or the farmers hat? 1
Where can I find these demon doors (FAQ and board not helping :())? 1
Where can I find thigh boots? 1
Where can I find this coat? 1
Where can I find..? 2
Where can i get a master flintlock or turret pistol?????? 1
Where can i get the pistol that holds a few bullets where can i get it? ( and tell me if it is master pstol or not?) 1
Where do i find my fable 2 pub game items? 1
Where do i use the portcullis key found in the Giles Farm House (Brightwood)? 1
Where do you find the Witchspotter's Hat? 1
Where in Albion is the Regal Purple Dye? 5
Where is it? 1
Where is reaver mansion located? 3
Where is the farm? I did the quests and can't remember where the farm is. 1
Where is the poticullis for giles key? 1
Where's the enterance to Gilles Cellar? 11
Where's the hair? 1
Which is better the Red Dragon or the Perferator+agumaent help? 2
Which is better: a fire augment or an electric augment? 2
Which Legendary Weapons are actually worth getting? 2
Whos willing to sell a puny carrot for a cool million? 2
Why can't I use augments on Master Katana? 7
Why won't the DLC chest open? 3
Why won't the furniture store restock? 5

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
(Spoiler) Ending? 4
*SPOILER* If I chose Wealth at the end, would I still be able to do the Archeologist quest? 1
*SPOILERS* Would this happen if i choose the love or wealth ending? 1
Can I find Rose again? 1
Confused about afterstory? 2
Did Barnum get killed? 1
Do i ever see rose again?(contains spoilers.) 1
Don`t you EVER die in this game? 1
How many childens? 1
I can't figure out how to get to Knothole Glade? 1
I DON"T GET THIS THERESA THINGY!?! *spoilers contained* 6
I don't get the story line? 4
I pick sacrifice at the end isnt that supposed to bring my sister back where is she? 9
I was just wondering how can people live so long? 1
I went to the spire without the developement quests am I screwed for the rest of the game? 2
If you choose to destroy the temple of shadows the lever inside is till there to sacrifice people, does it still work? 2
Is Oakvale the same town as in the Snowblobe? 2
Is obeying the commadant a good or bad choice? 1
Is there a different cooler ending in limited edition than the one in regular game? 2
Need Help, Choosing Sacrifice Question?? 2
Nothing importent but can some clarify this ??? 1
question about one of the endings *SPOILERS*?? 1
Question? 1
Rose characters sister? where can i find her? 3
SirLOL Ask: Sacrifice/Love/Gold Whats the effect/epilog of each? 2
Sister alive where? 1
So I want to marry lady grey but where can I find her? 5
Temple of Light: Epilog: Exact Location of Bill Post? 1
The end? 2
Theresa=CC sister? 13
Therresa? 2
What are the locations so screwed up? 3
What happens for the 3 choices at the end? 3
What happens if you doin't give the camra dude the 5,000? 1
What the diference of the boy and the girl? 1
What was Reaver Talking About in the Diary Pages? 1
Where can you find your sister at the end? 8
Who is aurora? ( the name is in See The future in the ending spire part) 1
Who was the guy your sister is with from the note when you wish for Love? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
About the Choice after Lucien's Death? 1
Achievement glitches? 1
Aiming with your gun? 1
Any tips on how to marry a guy? 2
Augments? 3
Best starting decisions-child? 5
Best/quickest ways to get rich? 13
Can i have kids with lady grey? 1
Can I keep doing quests when the main quest is over? 1
Can Lady Grey have children? 4
Can you have the Halo of purity and horns of corruption at the same time? 2
Can you kill children? 1
Collecting rent/profit while system is off? 4
Do area Spells hurt allies? 1
Evil Kid?! 1
Expressions? 1
Fable 2 flash game? 8
Fatty? 1
Getting people to follow? 2
Getting the enforcer? 2
Getting your evil horns? 2
Good investment? 5000? 11
Good or Evil? 3
How do I buy the Temple of Light? 1
How do i check my purity/corruption or Good/Evil? 2
How do I disarm? 1
How do I get the economy to go down if i went for 5 star blacksmith and got it really high, but still want to be good? 2
How do i get through the farmer's cellar? 1
How do i get will lines? 3
How do i lose the flies? 2
How do i make my character evil? 1
How do I make the bottom bar in "more info" to raise? 1
How Do i marry someone? 3
How do I perform chain attacks? 1
How do you autograph stuff for little kids? 1
How do you buy the Temple of Light? 2
How do you get the "Swinger" achievment? 5
How do you get your dog to learn magic? 2
How do you make your dog do tricks? 2
How to get the stuff inside the ancestors chest? 1
How to unlock The Property Magnate (10) Achievement help? 6
I can't figure out how to map expressions or actions? 2
If i make a new game will i still be able to play on my old one? 1
Is this a good choice? 1
Kids?? 1
Killing villigers? 1
Marry a guard? 1
Paramour wont unlock,why? 1
SPOILER-- Archiologist final item -- keep / give? 1
Temple of Shadows: The Perfect Timing? 4
Theresa? 1
Weak way to shoot? 1
Were do i get back flip book for the dog? 1
What are the benefits to buying Shops? 1
What are the best houses and buildings to rent? 5
What is the best strategy for 50,000 renown? 1
What is the best strategy for getting red viens, and being good? 9
What is the best strategy for having sex? 10
What is the best strategy for increasing good level? 5
What is the best strategy for the westcliff shooting range? 2
What is the best strategy for turning pure fast? 1
What is the best strategy for? 2
What is the best way to become good again? 1
What is the easiest way to get the gambler achievement? 1
What is the fastest way to make my character 100% pure and good? 3
What side quest have to be done before going into the spire? 1
What would happen if you get an unmarried person pregnant? 1
Where are the 5 star dog books found? 3
Where is the box of secrets shop ? 1
Who many children can you have per wife? 1
Why are people running from me? 1
Why Do My Happy Spouses Keep Divorcing Me? 4

Technical Help Answers
"The Rescue" wife and daughter glitching? 1
Belt glitch? Help! 1
Bowerstone Cemetery keeps freezing, why? 1
Can u create a new game +? 1
Can you "delete" Heroes/games? 1
Can you pls look? 1
Cannot lock on with left trigger. How can I fix this? 3
Cant Sell House? 6
Children: Stuck: Age: old Question? 1
Choosing wrong quest and game autosaves? 2
Colourist acheivement not unlocked!!! How Come? 2
DLC achievements? 1
Downloaded Expansion Problems? 1
Expression Statue GLITCH? 2
Fable 2 add-ons won't appear? 2
Feet stuck in ground? 2
Friends childhood glitch fixable? 1
Game flaw? Or glitch in a system? 3
Game freezes? 1
Game Freezing right at the Beginning? 1
Glitched! Why cant i play my game? 1
How Do I Donate To Temple of Light? 2
How do i get the ruler of Albion achievement? 2
How do I kick chickens? 1
How do i send gifts to other players and how do i get the dolls? 2
How do you merge the pub game character with the fable 2 character? 2
How many Bugs did you find? 1
How many saves can you put on a single profile? 5
How to solve (assassination issue)? 1
I Cant get the ! to go away from the cloths tab.....? 1
I cant play co-op?? 1
I cant see any players charcter? 1
I glitched BAD, will it happen again? 1
I unlocked all the demon doors I didn't get the concierge aceivement? 2
Is it worth installing Fable II to the hard drive? 1
Is there trade in local Coop? 1
Is this only online co-op? 1
Knothole Island Heat Statue Expression Glitch?? 1
Knothwhole 2? 2
Lady gray torso bug?! 1
Lady Greys Head Glitch? 1
My game won't load? 1
My Wife's cloths? 1
Non responcive husband? 2
Not able to sleep? 2
Patches coming?? 1
Potential glitch? 1
Problems getting married? 2
Quest that ages you glitch? 5
Question on limited edition fable 2 ? 4
Save file compatablity? 2
See The Future and Knothole Island add ons Explanation? 1
Slowdown(glitch?) 1
Son/mom? 2
When i connected to xbox live and updatated it glitch? 1
When will the Microsoft solution e-mail for the DLC show? 1
where can I buy the graveyard mansion? 1
Where can I find saved gm files on the inet? 1
Where english subtitle help me please ? 1
Why Can't i Run, Attack, or Travel ?? 1
Why can't I select my upgraded will abilities? 1
Why cant i play the 2nd and 3rd quests of the knothole DLC? 1
Why did my game quit? 4
Why did my game slow down after the DLC??? 1
Why do I never see sales anymore? 1
Why does my character have weird blue lines on their face? 1
Why does the game freeze? 1
Why does the game keep freezing? 1
Why does the game not let me buy gy mansion? 1
Why does the game will let me walk at all? 1
Why is my save corrupt? 1
Why is the game so laggy? 2
Why isn't there a BOY? 1
Why isnt my DLC of Knothole island working? 3
why there isn't english subtitle in fable II ? 2
Why won't the game let me sleep? 1
Why wont it let me rent out this house in oakfeilds? 1
Why wont the drowning quest (third quest in knothole island) work? 2
Why wont the game let me progress after killing the shard? 1
Wife appears to have disappeared, how can I find her? (Spoiler Alert!) 4
Will the GOTY/Platinum Hits version have patches included? 1

Other Help Answers
"Alice in Wonderland" reference in See the Future? 1
(create your own question)How do I open the Fairfax Gardens deamon door? 3
(Im the evilest i can be, i chose money over my wife child and dog but why dont i have horns?!?!) 20
(Ok,so I married alex and forgot to propose in front of the demon door, what would be the perfect place to live? 4
(spoiler) Is there any way to get another dog? 3
(Spoiler) Question about your dog? 2
*****Spoiler***** Dog? 1
***spoilers*** Ooookey... about the Achievement Real Estate... ? 2
*minor spoilers* End game achievement? 1
*spoiler* Was my action good or evil? 1
*Spoilers* Can I get my dog back? 2
*SPOILERS* digging after the end? 10
*Spoilers* Ending quest and the disappearing wife? 6
*Urgent* i need help really bad? 1
2 Different Evils?? 3
2 Questions? 1
55 MILLON out of nowhere?!?! 2
:/ I opened all the demon doors...? 1
About STDs? 2
About the appearance of Will lines? 1
About the end of the game (spoilers)? 1
About the Knothole resurrection shrine? 2
Achievement for See the future: The Combatant? 2
Achievements on knothole island and see the future? 1
After the game? 1
Age reduction? 6
Alex's kids? 4
All the expressions? 1
All the Skills? 1
Ancestors items on 1
Any Idea ? 1
Anybody know what is in the Gargoyle Treasure Trove? 1
Apparanrlt there is Twin Blades tomb in Wraithmarsh. How do i get in it?? 1
Appearance changes? 7
Archaeology Help Please?? 1
Are fines forgivable? 3
Are the Fable 2 minigames having problems? 2
Are there any real benefits to becoming King? 1
Are you able to make your own tatoos? 1
Attracted,funny/scared and what? 1
Bandits Before Spire? 1
Bank? 1
Bartender? 1
Best Ending? 1
Bigamy question? 1
Black then White? 1
Bloodstone Glitch? 16
Bloodstone? 1
Bought all places... Still short? 1
Bowerstone Cemetary gate? 1
Bowerstone Library? 6
Brightwood Tower? 2
Can female hero get pregnant? 3
Can garth die? 1
Can I become young again? 6
Can i change my Marital house? 1
Can I cure an STD? 6
Can I get rid of the Halo/Horns? 1
Can i marry LAdy Grey if im a female character? 1
Can i still change the weather on Knothole Island after i completed the main quests? 1
Can I Trade the LE Armor To People? 1
Can i? 1
Can my kids from 1 family join another? 1
can Oakvale be "Resurected"? 2
Can some one tell me if you can ever go back to the spire after you finish the main plot? 3
Can we have two different characters? 7
Can you be to thin? 1
Can you buy the temple of light after beating the game? 2
Can you change your wife/husband's clothes by giving them new ones? 1
Can you ever go back to the place called "home"? 3
Can you get in the house with the sign in front? 2
Can you get multiple Maelstroms? 1
Can you get rid of the scars? 2
Can you get scarred playing as a Henchman? 1
Can you get spells without having to have the blue marks on you? 1
Can you get your dog back? 1
Can you have a baby when you're a female? 1
Can you have bastard children? 1
Can you have DLC items without the DLC? 1
Can you hurt or kill your co-op partner? 1
Can you make multiple heroes, and still keep them all? 5
Can you marry other players online? 2
Can you move your wife/kid to another town? 1
Can you sleep with monks and have a kid? 1
Can you trade gifts with two different profiles and how do you do so? 1
Can you transfer money or items to another player? 3
Can you transfer your money and items to another saved file through co-op? 1
Can you watch 2 girls do it in this game? 1
Can you win pub game prizes more than once? 1
Can't Find Lady Grey, where could she be? 3
Can't find my fiancee (not wife)? 1
Can/how do I purchase the Bloodstone Shipyard? 1
Cant have kids or sex? 3
Character Appearance? 3
Character help? 1
Chest in chamber of fate? 1
Chicken kicking on 1
Child unresponsive? 1
Children Growing up? 6
Children: Cheating Wife: STD's ? 6
Clothes more then looks? 1
Clothing Tab? 1
Co-op splitscreen? 1
Collecters edition? 1
Completionist achievement help?*spoiler* 1
Computer or ownmade? 1
Condoms? 2
Corruption and the Town Economy? 1
Could I have been screwed over by mindlessly killing too many land lords? 1
Could u bring your own character in a co-op game? 1
Could you please help me with a few things?*possible spoilers* 2
Dead, All Dead? 3
Deceased Dog help? 5
Demon Door Riddles? 2
Difference? 1
Dlc details? 1
DLC in the future? 1
Do female characters start to looks awful? 5
Do I need to have completed Fable to appreciate the story in this? 2
Do I need to keep luciens diary? 2
Do STDs hamper your chance of having a baby? 1
Do the seasons change? 1
Do the Seasons EVER Change?? 1
Do the web games still hand out the prises? 1
Do you have to have sex in Fable 2? 1
Does anybody have a list of the Dog Tricks and How to do them? 4
Does anyone have all hero dolls? 1
Does anyone know where to find the 500 foot cliff that I am supposed to jump off of? 1
Does being a bounty hunter give you angel or devil points? 1
Does it ever really matter what your kids think of you? 1
Does it? 1
Does my second child grow up?(spiolers for sure.) 1
Does Reaver ever come back for his house? 2
Dog revival on Knothole Island? 1
Dog transformation? 3
Donations? 1
Double Ending? (spoilers) 1
Download? 1
Easy way to check what i dont own? 1
Easy? 1
Ending Choices? 1
Evil Temple? 1
Evil to Good? 1
Exppresion? 1
Fable 2 Flash Game Help? 1
Fable 2 online dolls and gift achivement? 2
Fable II for PC? 1
Fair fax gate? 2
Fairfax Garden Gate. How do I get in? 1
Fairfax Garden Gate. How to get in? 2
Fairfax Garden Right Gate. How to get in??? 1
Fairfax tomb gate door? 5
Fairfax tomb gate? 1
Female Character Has Underbite? 1
Final silver key chest reward? 2
First Fable Weapons Aviable? 1
Furniture store owener gone? 1
Gambling levels? 1
Getting 1 million gold pieces? 1
Getting on Live? 1
Ghost Dog? 1
Gifts and stuff? 1
Gile's Cellar? 1
Giles Farm Glitch? 2
Giles Farm? 1
Glowing eyes? 2
Good/evil pure/corrupt? 1
Hair? How? 1
Hairstyle? 1
Halo? 1
Having kids after the spire? 2
Having trouble with final silver keys (spoiler)? 2
Help been a woman? xD 2
Help my guys evil!!!! Can you help me to become neutral? 1
Help with Economy? 2
Hero? 1
Horns? 1
How can i get easy money? 2
How can i lower my head money? 2
How can I play multiplayer locally on Fable 2 on the Xbox 360? 1
How come i can't sleep? 1
How do I "quit" out of Co-Op? 2
How do I access the pub game money/items obtained prior in the actual game? 1
How do I barter with the blacksmith? 1
How do I become 100% Pure? 7
How do I become funny? 2
How do I become skinny I'm Fat? 6
How do I buy the temple of light?(dont care about spoilers) 2
How do I change the name or title of my hero? 1
How do i check my stats? 3
How do I cure my std? 1
How do I divorce my wife? Will I lose my kids? 1
How do I do co-op? 1
How do I download the Limited Edition DLC? 1
How do i find Cheet-Ur's crypt ? 1
How do I find my husband? 2
How do i gat a halo on my head? 1
How do I get 100% evil? 7
how do I get custom music? 1
How Do i Get Furniture ? 2
How do I get gambler achievement? 1
How do I get into the Temple of Shadows???? 2
How do I get my wife to sleep with me? 10
How do i get rid of scarrs? 1
How do i get rid of scars? 1
How do I get the Master Chiefs Assault Rifle? 1
How do i get the necromancer to appear in the colloseum? 1
How do I get the praise/ scold expression? 1
How do I get the red will lines? 1
How do i get the rude gesture MIDDLE FINGER?(for the demon door in bower lake) 3
How do I get the Silver Key in the Treasure Island of Doom Quest? 1
How do i get the swinger achievement? 5
How do I get the Worship expression? 2
How do I get to become a red demon, like in the commercial? 7
How do I interact with the orbs of other players? 2
How do I lose wait? 1
How do I lower my corruption? 2
How do i make my character lose fat or is impossible? 2
How do i make my character thin?? 13
How do I make my fable character have the red line instead of the blue lines? 3
How do I make myself less scary? 1
How do I make the dog backflip? 7
How do i more my wife to a different house? 7
How do I move my family from one place to another?I think I hit a glitch. 4
How do I open jobs other than blacksmithing? 1
How do i open the chest that is in the fate chamber? 1
How do i open the doors i can only knock? 3
How do i perform chain attack ?? 1
How do I play co op with 2 controllers? 1
How do I play co-op offline? 3
How do I purchase Castle Fairfax? 1
How do I put trophys in my house? 3
How do i reduce my fat level in Fable 2? 3
How do I see my fat percent? 1
How do i stop being corrupt and become pure? 5
How do I stop followers from following me? 1
How do I talk online? 1
How do i turn into a real demon? Thats red! 1
How do i unlock the bloodstone portal quest? 2
How Do I Unlock The Philanthropist Achievement? 2
How do I upgrade shops? 2
How do I???????? 3
How do STD's work? 3
How do u get horns? 1
HOw do you change the color of your characters skin? 9
How do you destroy the gargoyle statues? 5
How do you donate to the Temple of Light? 9
How do you get arrested for public indecency? 1
How do you get Fable 2 Pub Games? 1
How do you get Knothole Island? 2
How do you get tall? 1
How do you get the laugh expression? 1
How do you get younger? 1
How do you get your dog back from Knothole Island DLC? 1
How do you improve purity level? 8
How do you kill the gargoyle above Castle Fairfax (the very high one)? 2
How do you lose weight? 8
How do you make your person bright white with red eyes? 1
How do you move your family from house to house? 1
How do you open the door in the House of Hard Knocks? 5
How do you open the gate to get to the Shelly Crypt in Fable 2? 1
How do you sacrifice people at the temple of shadows? 2
How Do You Take Scars Off ? 6
How does kid grow up? 13
How does one get the menace to society achievement? 6
How evil can you look? 1
How far back will it set me? 2
How fat can i get? 2
How get all emote of fable 2? 4
How long does one stay "wanted" after one has committed a crime and resisted arrest? 2
How many kids can you have per wife? 1
How many questions can you answer? 2
How many save files do you get? 2
How many spells are there? 1
How many times does your kides run away? 1
How much does DLC cost? 1
How much is the Knothole Island DLC, in microsoft points? 1
How much memory is used, total, in DLing Fable 2 as a whole, excluding KI and StF expansions? 1
How much space does this game take up? 1
How or when do you get the come back to my place emote? 1
How tall can u get?: 1
How to Create a New Save File per Profile? 1
How to get better income from houses? 2
How to get do to do tricks? 1
How to get gunslinger title? 1
How to get mana lines off? 1
How to have sex in the game? 1
How to lose weight? 3
How to make people not scared? 2
How to raise the economy of a town? 1
How to see what a baby i get ? 1
How you get open the chest of temple? 7
Hows coop? 1
Husband Gone, No note or Divorce? 3
I am getting the Limited Edition from Amazon. Will I get the DLC? 1
I am stuck in place? 2
I can only find 2 0ut 3 pub games? 1
I can't dig up Lucien's diary! What should I do? 2
I can't get prizes from 1
I can't please my wife... :'( wat do i do? 3
I Cant seem to find armor at all that i can buy or find where can i get some armor? 6
I downloaded the Knothole Island content,but can't activate it. Do I have to play the game online to have access to it ? 1
I Found Alex after ...? 8
I have a question about the keys? 1
I have found this glitch and tried to post it ? 1
I need help getting to can youi help me??? 1
I need help pls read? 2
I need help with all the hero dolls? 2
I need this cleared up, help please? 1
I was just wondering about lilth? 1
I'm stuck inside the crusible care to help? 1
I'm turning 13 should I be allowed to play Fable 2? 1
If i break windows and doors in the houses how do i fix them? 4
If i get the DLC? 1
If I have multiple files, do they all get Knothole Island when I download it? 1
If I leave somebody in an area that they aren't from, will they stay there later? 1
If you start a new game, can you save it on a seperate file? 1
Immortal? 1
In castle fairfax how do i get down to where that tree is growing? 2
in Fable 2 how do you open the brightwood demon door? 7
Initiating a divorce? 1
Is it possible to change your wifes clothing? 1
Is it possible to play with a friend with only one xbox (2 controllers, of course), game disc, and set of save-data? 2
Is it really possible to become King or Queen? 4
Is it still possible to level up strength and life after maxing out your abilities? 1
Is it worth it? 2
Is lady Grey in this game? 1
Is online gameplay optional or necessary to complete the game? 2
Is the box cover just misleading? 1
Is the res. shrine in knothole island only avaliable if you dont have your dog or what cause i cant find it? 2
Is there a limit to the number of shops & homes I can buy? 2
Is there a way to change your spouse's apparel? 3
Is there a way to decrease age? I sacrificed myself for the age thing in the dungun. 5
Is there a way to get past this? 1
Is there a way to make my character's boobs bigger? 2
Is there a way to remove auguments from weapons? 5
Is there aging in Fable 2? 1
Is there any more DLC after Knothole island? 2
Is there anything you need the dog for after the Ending? 1
Is there anyway to trade with someone playing coopon the same xbox? 1
Is there really a whore in Bloodstone you can trade with? 1
Is this a "bad" game? 1
Is your wife supposed to go to other towns if you didnt ask her to follow you? 2
It wont let me load the game? 1
Items in Gemstone Grotto? 1
Its about the monster house glitch and height? 3
Ive lost my dog....? 2
Just something odd that's been bothering me... Someone please help me out? 2
Kids? 1
Knothole Island Deep Freeze quest completed but quest still active, any way around it? 1
Knothole Island Ice Shrine? 1
Lady Grey glitch? 1
Lady Grey help ? 1
Lady Grey? 3
Legendary Edition Achievements From Game Of The Year Edition? 1
Lenth of game? 1
Limit? 1
Limited? 1
Listing on augments? 3
Load screen quotes? 1
Magic? 1
Marrage? 1
Marriage with Lady Grey? 1
Marriage? 1
Merchant is giving me 19% disc. but its lowering the price for things I sell. Help? 5
Mindless Child? 1
Mingle? 1
Minimap? 1
Missing wife? 2
Moment of Fate? 1
Money (maybe spoiler)? 2
Monster Manor Door? 2
More Characters? 1
Multi-wife fun...? 1
Multiplayer ? 1
Multiple save files? 1
Murderer? 1
Muscles? 1
My character is overweight.. How do I get her to lose it? 3
My character runs without moving his legs how do I fix it? 1
My guy's face is ugly, can i fix that? 1
My kids? 5
My Wife Divorced Me! Help? SPOILERS 1
My wife is gone..... Why? 1
My wife lady grey has vanished? 1
Need a fix for the "Love Hurts" quest? 1
Needs of the few, spouses, and the Shadows...? 1
New DLC?? 1
News? 1
No furniture in stock. Bug? Or can it be fixed? 4
No mini map? 5
Npc freeze bug? 2
Number of Beds? 1
Oakfield Massacre and the Demon Door? 2
Oakfield Massacre Might Have a Downside? 1
OLD Age? 1
Omg i just turned into a woman in fable 2 ; ;...? 3
Once you leave the snowglobe, can you go back? 1
Open this door? 1
Ownmade? 1
Paint Knothole Armor? 1
Pause Menu Money? 1
Perfect Crucible run issue? 1
Persuasion has never been harder, any one want to help? 1
Place Furniture? 1
Place? 2
Possible flit switch? 1
Preset? 2
Pub games items? 1
Purity? 1
Quest help In Bloodstone ? 1
Question about DLC Potions? 1
Raising the economy/killing it by mistake? 1
Random Voice? 1
Real Estate Famous? 1
Reavers Letter? 1
Reincarnation? 1
Rent question? 2
Rent? 1
Requirements? 1
Restarting Game? 1
Retributions? 1
Reversing fear? 1
Rose? 3
Samarkand? 1
Same Sex Marriage? 2
Save files more then one? 1
Scars, how are they obtained ? 5
Scotish Voice? 1
See the Future Achievement- The Nutcracker? 1
See the Future DLC achievements? 1
Selling Home ? 2
Sending freinds items? 1
Sex Change?! I hate it! 2
Sex with wife? 1
Sexual content? 1
Shadow Court? 1
Should i buy this game? 2
Sketch Fragments? 1
Slow MO? 1
So i killed my wife, and child services took my kid, where is my kid so i can see her??? 3
So I lost my fiancee...? 1
Speed Up Time? 1
Spire clothing? 1
Strength? 1
Success? 1
T.o.b.y? 1
Tatoo artists and barbers? 6
Temple of Avo. Holy hour? 11
Temple of light? 2
The Archaeology Quest? 1
The Bard in Bowerstone is missing, where is he? 1
The Best Marital House? 1
The Brightwood demon door? 3
The Cliff diver (Help?) 1
The Colourist Achievement and Grumpy George? 3
The crucible champion ? 1
The Dog? 1
The door in nightmare hollow? 1
The Duellist? 1
The Hunt ? 2
The Party Animal? 1
The perfect date achievement and fairfax demon door? 3
The statue in front of the Archon's Knot, and Lucien's coat? 3
The Vault: What's with those doors? 1
The Very Last Question Of Fable II To Top It Off? 1
Theresa Secret? 1
Tin Mine, I found somthing....odd.....? 1
TOBY quest problem? 1
Trading with a silver account? 1
Trading with ORBS - Could I do...this? 1
Truth? 1
Two profiles on the same xbox in co-op? 1
Two Questions? 1
Ummm How many kids can you have with one guy? 4
Using DLC between two profiles? 2
W.hy didn't i get my halo sword and clothing i got the good fable 2 ? 2
Way to Restart Archeology questline? *Possible Spoilers* 1
Well....I accedently spaced out and foollowed the wrong glowing trail and went on through the stroy line and....? 1
Wepons witch one should i use? 1
What about kids? 1
What Are All the Ways of De-Aging? 1
What are the chances that I did not get the DLC? 1
What are the episodes of Fable II on Xbox Live? 1
What are the highlights (read: most fun parts) in post-storyline play? 1
What are the quest you get after you beat the game? 1
What are these things flying around me? 3
What Augments are in this game? 1
What did aging do? 1
What dlc should I do first? 1
What do i get for selecting wealth at the end of the game? 1
What do STDs do? 6
What do the Person Info Sliders mean ? 1
What does the ANIMAL MAGNETISM bonus do? 1
What happens when you donate to the temple of light? 1
What if you sacrifice your spouse to the Temple of Shadows? *possible spoilers* 2
What is everything that comes with the Fable 2 Limited Edition DLC? 1
What is the "Blank House"? 1
what is the difference between "Fable 2 classic" and "Fable 2 GOTY"? 2
What is the maximum amount of gold you can have at once? 2
What is the Oakfield Massacre? 1
What is the spire? 1
What is the ultimate treasure for killing all the gargoyles? 1
What time is the zenith? 8
What Will Happen to Oakfield If I Choose the "Oakfield Massacre"? 2
What Will power is the best to build up? 2
What would the best weapon be? 1
What's the best way to get cash? 5
Whats in the cave under water at bowerstone market? 1
Whats the difference from the knothole island (free)? from the knothole island (Premium)? 3
When do your kids grow up? 7
When i kill the owner of a house it says owner "unkown" and is still listed at full price?? 1
When is bartending available? 4
When would shops get new stock? 2
When you buy furniture does it exist in both your inventory and house? 1
When your strong your fat? 1
Where are all the bottles in The Perfect World? 4
Where are all the demon doors and what are in them? 1
Where are all the gargoyles in wraithmarsh&oakfield? 1
Where are all the lesbian and whore's at ? 10
Where are the Halls of the Dead? 2
Where can i find the tattoos of the westcliff tattoist after the westcliff development? 1
Where do i find dreadlocks? 2
Where do I find the 6-slot machine? 2
Where do you or how do you earn the worship expresstion? 1
Where is Baruum so I can collect my money from Westcliff Development? 1
Where is chicken' kicking'? 2
Where is forsaken fortress? 2
Where is Murgo after Redemption? 1
Where is the bounty hunter boots and gloves? 1
Where is the card? 1
Where is the code that you enter to download the Hal Armor? 1
Where is the Hidden Room's? 1
Where is your sister when you have beaten Lucien? 1
Where's My Wife?! 1
Wheres my halo? 2
Which "a hero's tale paths" am I missing? 3
Which buidlings change when you go to the spire? 1
Why can't I buy furniture? 1
Why can't I have sex...? 1
Why can't I make my lezbian wife have sex with me? 2
Why cant I have any more kids? 2
Why did my game quit running? 1
Why do the guys always follow me? 1
Why do they fear me so...? 5
Why does my character have bright blue veins? 3
Why does will suck so much? 2
Why doesn't the "Come Back to My Place " expression work? 1
Why is my skin colour darker when i'm evil ? 2
Why is my son standing still? 1
Why wont my spouse give me more kids? 1
Wife in Castle Fairfax? 1
Wife M.I.A.? (Spoilers for End of Story) 1
Will I lose my inventory when entering into the Spire? 1
Will the Guards ever leave me alone? 1
Winows perma break?! 3
Wraithmarsh Rumbling? 2
Wraithmash? 1
Y is my spell selector stacking? 3
Young forever? 2
Your dogs fur? 2

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