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Too Much Hype Without the Substance to Back ItArthaiin6/10
I made the mistake of giving Peter Molyneaux another chance, and again he lied to me.cantibacterial4/10
Fable Fans, Lend Me Your EarsiAmTheTot5/10
Fable II: The Hype, The Game, The VerdictMwulf8/10
Glitches, bad co-op and missed opportunities hinder an otherwise terrific action/adventure game.neonreaper9/10
What Will You Become?9NineBreaker98/10
Seamlessly executed; poorly designedb5612486/10
Just call it a do-overBloodGod658/10
Fable II - Amazing Game, Minor Flaws, Good StoryCoopman10109/10
Well, it has arrived....CthulhuDreams998/10
We can be Heroes, just for one playDarthMordechai6/10
A fun little RPG, but not without problems.Exodist7/10
Sit down and let me tell you a storyhorror_spooky8/10
Teaching Kids How Badass Heroes Are and How Easy It Is To Make MoneyKowai_Kudamono7/10
Fable II: The ReviewLegendaryDragon9/10
Improves on what made Fable I great but also doesn't fix the first one's problems.Master_Chef088/10
A game for our generation, but still a game.minimyme8/10
My Review of Fable 2 beta...this is the beta right?myname1234567897/10
An excellent game letdown by some niggling flawsOsafune28/10
A solid game... after the first few hours of playingRaganork106/10
The operative word in describing this game is disappointmentrross467/10
RPG or Mideval Sims?Slawdigi6/10
A relaxing and fun RPG experience.Steve Nick8/10
Not Exactly the Stuff of LegendSuprak the Stud5/10
Peter Molyneux promised the world; did he deliverThe Immortal Phoenix6/10
I didn't love it, but I did like itthirtyninesteps7/10
What Fable 1 should have been.Unbridled98/10

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Wow - What a dissapointmentCommbubba196/10
Why was I so excited for this again?Klonak6/10
Exceeding expectations is an understatement herelostthefire10/10
I thought I was going to be disappointed...Reigel_Seven9/10
A thoroughly overhyped and below mediocre action RPGAzebiel4/10
Not Worth $60......bigkuntrymcf5/10
A lot of sizzle, but little steakCromulant6/10
A great game in it's own rightDeMoNiCpApEr8/10
One of the best games I've ever played.derasit249/10
For The Bad Rep It Gets Where I Live, Fable 2 Lives Up To Expectations, And Then Some.Deutsch_Kirby9/10
First Impressionsdlaj219/10
We got what we were promised.dlightfighter9/10
Successes and Oppertunities for Growth: Fable 2drekslerc8/10
Like the predecessor, a flawed game, but enjoyable enough to forgetEmonquente9/10
Fable 2 - Fable 1 but with pudding!GodBeastX7/10
Better than the original, not as good as the hype.Hunter_of_Pixie7/10
A gorgeous game better than Fable 1 as promised.Ignoranc38/10
I was expecting more but this'll do.Ikasnu8/10
Fable II is perfection at it's finest.Ishootjoo10/10
Fable 2: A further view and better then Fable..Kathisia8/10
There are many must-have Xbox 360 games and this is one of them.kennyyoung63958/10
Fable 2 review by Konpatchikonpatchi8/10
Fable 2: A best example of a Fable gameLink311410/10
Best game ever!!!!!!!!Marshall_G_15910/10
Big waste of Time and Moneymasterchin3/10
Freeroam par excellence - but why so small?Me_Myself7/10
Fable 2 is just ok....worth playing though.Mikenicolosi7/10
Worth the Wait?MrPibbRules9/10
Why that other guy's review of Fable II is wrongmstubs00259/10
A Fun, Yet Somewhat Flawed Game, Reminicent of...Fable 1Mynameisgrax8/10
A solid game that lived up to my expectationsPoliwrath9/10
Fable II. Great game; annoying aspects.Qrusader7/10
Fable II - Quick Time ReviewQuickTimeDan6/10
Love it, or it. That is part of the simulation.R0yledge9899/10
Were we fooled?raven981067/10
Fable II: Lionhead Let down and other Idiocy’s (From AKA GamerCritic)sir_laugh_o_lot4/10
Good game but with a huge flaw regarding privacy, and the problems with the families are a major headache.springspirit7/10
Fun, but I seriously wouldn't bother.Steve_JF6/10
Fable II: Limited EditionTh3_Inventor10/10
Fable 2: An RPG Worth Your WhileTheHammar1179/10
The more I played it, the more I realized it was emptyTKDBoy18893/10
Fable 2 doesn't disappoint.trm9899/10
Fable IIUnicronus9/10
The framework for a good game is therevindicatedfoul7/10
Co-Op Perspective: Fable 2 - Unfortunately BrokenWafles6/10

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