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Stuck on the last quest for thieves guild?

i'm at the part where I have to fire the arrow of extrication into the pillar. I practice with normal arrows for a while, go to epuip the real arrow and it says 'You cannot equip this quest arrow' Do I need to be a higher lvl in marksman? if so, what lvl do i need to be?

Accepted Answer

Art_Of_Drowning answered:

Make sure you're standing in the right spot to fire the arrow. Also, this is from

"If you are unable to equip the Arrow of Extrication and text appears saying you cannot equip this quest item, hot key the Arrow of Extrication and try equipping it through the hot key. If this does not work try equipping various other arrows and then try again and it should work."

If you tried all that and still cannot fire it then you most likely hit a glitch. Unfortunately this quest is full of them. I suggest you reload a save from prior to starting this quest.
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