Question from regamer94

Mystic Emporium Glitch?

Mystic emporium wont open. I've waited every hour of the day and it still wont legally open so i can't buy my Frostcrag upgrades. This happens on multiple saves. Help?


Galactic_Venus answered:

This happens when you have both Battlehorn Fortress and Frostcraig Spire installed.

I suggest looking at
and clicking #5: Xbox 360 Mystic Emporium Locked Door Bug Work Around
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bluedragon619 answered:

Yes you can, I had this exact problem, pick the lock, even if the guy in white is standing there, just get so no one can see you and pick it open, you will go in and the elf and his wife will be there waiting for you, let the guy walk over to the counter and can buy from him like normal, its the same with his wife.
This annoyed me greatly but its the only solution I have found and its never gone wrong for me once
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